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An Ode to the Eternal Shorts of Summer

July 01, 2015

Every summer has its own story. Chart the course of your eternal summer in our fun, bright, embroidered Cisco Shorts for men! Check our collection out: Mens Embroidered Shorts     Here at Castaway we believe that salt water cures all; and that the search for the eternal summer is never hopeless. We fully support the strong willed who live by the “shorts until the snow falls” mentality. Tans fade, but a pair of shorts with fish or hamburgers will keep you in a summer state of mind all year long! If you are wearing shorts to class, or to run errands on the weekends in November, we salute you! Our classic stand-by embroideries are the American Flag, Martini, Fish,...

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Derby Duds, Mint Juleps and the MOST exciting 2 minutes of the year!

April 08, 2015

Get your Julep cup and wide brimmed Hat out of the closet – the Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports is almost here! For the prep-set, the beginning of May means warmer weather, opening the summer house, and of course, the Kentucky Derby! One day a year, it is perfectly acceptable to wear loads of seersucker, pastels, and big hats as we all become race horse/jockey aficionados and cheer for the top pick. Our Race Horse, Mint Julep, & Lucky Horseshoe embroideries will have you styling as you belt out “My Old Kentucky Home” with pride and vigor, even if you have never stepped foot in the state. The kick off to the Triple Crown affords us a day drinking...

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