2020 Fashion: The Top 7 Women's Summer Fashion Trends in 2020

Fashion is cyclical; professionals in the industry agree that trends cycle every 20 years.

But if you've taken a good look at the people around you, you'll know that trends change very quickly. What may be hot last year may be out this year. Or even quicker! In the age of fast fashion, trends can pop up and go in a matter of weeks. 

So how can you keep up with the trends and make sure you're wearing something chic?

In this article, we'll discuss the top 7 women's 2020 fashion trends you need to look out for this summer.

1. Short Suits

Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you can't wear suits.

While a full traditional power suit may be excellent, it may not be practical in the summertime. Even if your office runs AC on max during those hot months, you might suffer while commuting.

The good thing is, there's a great alternative! Short suits are in this summer, which means you can stay cool while still emanating a professional look. This style is the perfect combination of professional and stylish. It is a very high fashion look, and will help you exude confidence. 

Choose suits in lighter tones for a more summery feel. Lighter weight fabrics will be key as well. Some oversized pockets can also give the suit a more casual look, which can make it perfect for after-work events where you need to dress business-casual. Paired with a sleek heel, high or low, and you are good to go!

2. Bermuda Shorts

It's summer, so you should dress in a nautical way! Bermuda shorts are a fun way to stay comfortable while giving off a beachy vibe. Hitting just above the knee, Bermudas are a movement and all-age appropriate length. Easy to chase little ones around, or jump on and off the boat with ease.

While you can always buy Bermuda shorts in solid colors, you can always take it a step further and get patterned shorts, such as ones with flamingos on them. You can show off your fun and silly side with these themed shorts and have several on hand for different days of the week!

Pair your Bermuda shorts with some sleek flip flops or sandals to complete your laidback look. You'll look ready to kick back and relax by the ocean with a good book or two.

3. Pastel Colors

We know; pastels are usually reserved for spring. Easter eggs are painted in such hues, after all!

But spring shouldn't hog all the pastels! Summer deserves some of these light and carefree colors too.

For this reason, you can expect to see pastel colors as a summer trend for 2020. For example, you can always get yourself a crisp v-neck polo in pastel blue, which will pair perfectly with numerous things. Whether it's a pair of jeans, Bermuda shorts, or a cute skirt, this pastel polo will be super versatile.

You can also go the other way around and choose pastel colors for your bottoms. By opting for lighter-colored shorts, for example, you can keep your outfits from going too dark and not as summery looking.

4. Midlength Skirt

Shorter isn't always necessarily better for the warm summer. If you're not a fan of showing off too much skin, then you'll be pleased to know that midlength skirts are trending for summer 2020.

These come in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles, so feel free to express your personality through these skirts! They range from bold with Madras patchwork, to simple with solid colors, and maybe some embroideries.

These midlength skirts will pair nicely with a simple blouse and some cute flats or sandals. If it's especially hot, you can swap out the blouse for a tank top or sleeveless shirt. This is a stylish look for vacations as well! Throw on with a pair of trendy white sneakers for a day around town, or exploring a new place. 

5. Ankle Capris

Maybe you're planning on spending lots of time by the beach, and it can get a little chilly there, even during the summer. For instance, you might enjoy having dinner every evening at your favorite seaside restaurant. Or a sunset cocktail on the beach. 

In that case, you don't want to be shivering in your Bermuda shorts or even a midlength skirt.

Swap those out and get yourself some smart ankle capris. They're a great alternative to slacks and jeans, as they still give off that beachy vibe. You still get to show off some skin, but just a little bit.

Slip on a pair of sandals, and you'll be good to go for your dinner dates! Opt for an ankle length and slimmer leg for a modern and flattering fit. 

6. Tunics

If you're looking for the ultimate in comfort, then you'll find it with tunics. These are roomy dresses, but because they're carefully designed, they're not so wide that you look sloppy.

Instead, tunics give you a laidback appearance, which is ideal for a day at the beach. You can even throw one on over your swimsuit before and after your swim so you don't have to walk around with too much skin exposed.

Tunics are great to have on hand if you want to go shopping or eating after a nice day by the ocean. You'll be able to cover up and look stylish too! A colorful tunic with fun trims is a classic Prep look, and the right combination will never go out of style. 

7. Keep It Clean and Simple

In previous years, fashion's gotten more and more outrageous. For instance, people went wild for complicated prints, odd shapes , and not the most flattering fits.

But now, people are veering away from that, and instead, clean and simple is trending again. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to look boring. There are many pieces in your wardrobe you can still put together for the perfect look.

For example, you can pair some gingham ankle capris with a simple blouse, and you'll look stunning with minimal effort. Or you can grab a simple skirt with an anchor print and combine it with a boatneck sleeveless shirt.

Individually, pieces may look simple, but when you exercise some creativity and combine them together, you can create some unique outfits that'll have you looking chic. Remember, classic pieces never go out of style, and can be re-styled for years to come! 

Follow These 2020 Fashion Trends for Women This Summer

Make sure you look stunning this summer by following these 2020 fashion trends for women. By being in the loop, you can update your wardrobe in advance and put together outfits that'll certainly turn people's heads.

So take a good look at your closet and see what you can swap out for the hottest pieces of this year. It'll be worth it when you can look and feel fantastic!

Are you ready to purchase some new clothes to follow these trends? Then check out our new arrivals now!

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