5 Men's Winter Fashion Trends to Follow in 2019-2020

By 2020, menswear will outperform women’s fashion. More men are starting to take pride in their fashion, opting for high-end clothing instead of cheap and simple clothes.

With winter around the corner, we struggle with looking posh in the cold weather.

Don’t worry, men can still stay warm while dressing fashionably. Many current fashion trends focus on fabrics and layering for warmth while still dressing in a stylish way.

From casual winter clothing to formal wear, here are 5 men’s winter fashion trends to know.

1. Jackets Galore

The staple of all winter fashion is in the jacket. But all men should know which jackets and coats are trending for the 2019-2020 winter.

You’ll see more peacoats this season. These jackets were worn primarily by the British Navy and were then popularized in mainstream fashion. These jackets are usually made of warm and durable dark hued wool. They don’t sacrifice their shape and can survive in the harshest winter conditions. Peacoat style is a cornerstone of classic fashion, but has adapted to modern times through additions such a hood, fashion buttons, longer lengths, or colors other than the traditional navy. 

For blistering cold conditions, have a parka handy. These hooded coats date back to the Inuits and vary between lightweight and heavier parkas. Many parkas are also fur-lined, perfect to keep your head and neck warm when the cold North Wind blows.

Technical jackets are useful if your winters are filled with harsh weather conditions, such as rain and snow. These jackets are made with durable materials that resist water and insulate your body temperature. You won’t be wet and shivering while wearing this style of jacket!

Bomber jackets have especially grown in popularity. These jackets date back to WWI and were worn by pilots. An elastic banded waist and loose arms characterize this style. They can be made of a combination of sturdy materials to insulate the heat and protect against the elements. This style is definitely for more casual, milder days, as it is classically not a heavy coat. Opt for a military green jacket for the ultimate nostalgic look. 

2. It’s All in the Fabric

While fabrics usually don’t get their own trend list, the fabric will make or break your winter wardrobe.

Cotton is always a classic material to wear all year. It’s durable, soft, retains its color, is easy to clean, and is affordable. Most of your winter wardrobe will consist of cotton materials, especially your base layers. It is best you seek the highest-quality cotton for longevity.

Winter is the best time to take out your cozy, super soft flannel. Classic flannel plaid is especially be trending this year. Flannel was traditionally a warm material made out of wool. However, modern flannel is a combination of nylon, cotton, and polyester; brushed for the soft, heavy feel that flannel is known for. On top of the classic plaids, flannels are back in a big way in pops of bright colors, buffalo checks, and patches. The runway mixes lumberjack chic with Kurt Cobain. 

Speaking of wool, this winter is a good time to take out your snuggly wool sweaters. Wool is made from sheep and is warm, stain-resistant, and even insulates when wet. Other wool winter staples to own include coats and socks. Remember the peacoat we spoke of before? Great representation of wool for winter. 

Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, also make their mark on winter fashion. These fashions are inexpensive, helping you afford some of those trendier pieces that are “of the season”. You’ll likely see polyester on the outside of your winter coats.

Leather is another durable and insulating material. While leather jackets are a classic trend, it’s best to only purchase high-quality leather jackets. This is a very hip and cool, European inspired look, and you need to wear your confidence as well!

3. Denim Makes Its Mark

Outerwear is essential to winter fashion. But what about pants? Denim is a trend that never fades.

Denim matches everything and is available in different cuts, styles, and even colors. However, darker denim is the biggest winter trend in menswear and the most put-together of the denim washes. 

Want to diversify your winter pant wardrobe? Bring some khakis into the mix. Khakis are also a major trend and come in a variety of styles and colors. Keep in mind, khakis aren’t the warmest fabric.

If you live in an area with extremely cold temperatures, Wool pants are another option. Wool is extremely warm, and a cool plaid or tweed will look great with the right outfit.

4. Sweater Weather Is Here to Stay

Everyone is obsessed with sweater weather lately. That’s why the sweater is one of the biggest winter fashion staples. Sweaters are effortless to style and keep you warm all day.

You also have versatility with sweaters: solid-colors, patterns or designs. Cardigans, Cable Knit, Crew Neck, all viable and warm options for styles. 

Do you need something more formal, such as for a Christmas party? Try a V-Neck Cashmere Sweater for a stylish layering piece. Opt for a warmer version of the button-down shirt. You can either choose heavier-fabric button-downs or you can layer your button-down with additional blazers and jackets.

You’ll also see more Henleys this season. The Henley is a collarless shirt, usually with two buttons at the top. Long-sleeve Henleys are always in season for winter; however, choose a neutral Henley instead of a colorful one.

What about the snowed-in days? If you still want to look stylish while trapped in your home, hoodies are effortless winter wardrobe staples. You can also pair a warm winter jacket or coat with a hoodie for the extremely cold days.

5. Scarf It Up

Winter accessories are unique. They’re both stylish yet essential. Which winter accessories should you choose?

The scarf is the ultimate winter accessory for men this year. Scarves keep your neck warm but they’re also very stylish. They add more depth to any winter outfit.

Scarves are the perfect winter accessory because they come in a myriad of textures, fabrics, lengths, colors, and patterns. Choose a thick scarf for the very cold days. For the not-so-cold days, opt for a fashion scarf.

What if you’re not a scarf guy? Socks are also the next winter trend for men.

However, don’t settle for the cheapest socks. Your piggies need to stay warm and it’s worth investing in high-quality socks. Since wool is a popular fabric this season, it’s recommended you wear wool socks. Choose a colorful stripe, classic argyle, or a fun critter print to make you smile during the work day. 

Men’s Winter Fashion Will Help You Look Cool in Cool Weather

Dressing nice in the winter can be difficult, but if you use the solutions and advice provided above, you will look cool and stay warm all winter long. From sweaters to socks, there are many ways to look cool while staying warm in the cool weather. Take these winter essentials and use them to look great all season long.

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