7 Online Clothes Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There is no feeling on earth quite like opening your mailbox to find a pretty package waiting, especially if you know that there's a brand new outfit from Castaway Nantucket inside! You've been styling it in your mind since the second you clicked "add to cart." All you need to do is open the package, give it a quick steaming, try it on, and...

Oh, no. 

The last thing we want at Castaway Nantucket is for any of our customers to experience that "oh, no" moment! Online clothes shopping mistakes are easy to make when you're excited about a purchase and eager to have it in your hands. Luckily, we are experts when it comes to helping our customers choose the perfect piece. 

If you're feeling nervous about buying clothes online, these seven tips will help ensure that the clothing in your mailbox is the right size and style every single time! Keep reading to learn how to avoid mistakes when shopping for new summer pieces from Castaway Nantucket! 

1. Know Your Measurements

The most common mistake in online shopping happens when you assume that you know your size. Even if your closet is full of "mediums," different brands can use different measurements. Knowing your measurements can help ensure that you choose the right size, even if it's not what you normally wear. 

This is especially important when shopping for kids, who seem to grow two sizes every time you turn around! If you're dreaming of summer and shopping a season or two ahead, don't forget to size up. 

If you aren't a seamstress and don't have a measuring tape hanging around, you can always take measurements using string or yarn. It's better to have a close estimate than to guess! Take those numbers and consult our sizing chart to ensure that every piece fits perfectly every time!

2. Buy Brands You Trust

You already know that you love the high-end clothing from Castaway Nantucket. The quality, construction, and styles are exactly what you're looking for! You can trust that every piece we sell is a stylish, well-made garment. 

If you shop around and start comparing clothing prices, you might find other brands with similar offerings. Buyer beware! You might not love the quality of copycat brands, and you will wish you had stuck with the brand that you trust.

When shopping online, you shouldn't take big risks. Stick with high-quality brands like ours and you will jump for joy when your package arrives!

3. Read Online Customer Reviews

Our current customers know best! If you want to know for sure that you're buying something incredible, take a look at what other shoppers have to say! Reviews are fantastic sources for tips and tricks that can help you make the best online shopping decisions!

For example, pay attention to any trends in the reviews. Do customers mention that a piece runs a bit larger or smaller than usual? Use that information to make an informed choice about whether to size up or down. 

4. Be Aware of the Return Policy

Sometimes it's okay to take a risk! If you have a concern about whether a piece is your style and can't get to one of our stores to try it on, you won't be out of luck. Our prime motive is customer satisfaction, and our returns and replacements policy reflects that! 

When shopping online, always take a look at the return policy before you commit. At Castaway Nantucket, we're happy to issue a full refund if you return an item within thirty days of purchase. If you're on the fence about adding a new style to your wardrobe, we'll make sure you're satisfied either way!

5. Reach Out With Questions First

Nobody knows more about our products than the hardworking Castaway Nantucket crew! We're always willing to answer customer questions to ensure that you know exactly what you're getting. 

Are you concerned about how a size or style will look on your body type? Do you want to make sure that a new piece matches what you already own? Are you just looking for tips about what everyone will be wearing on The Cape this summer? 

Reach out and chat with an associate! We're available by phone, email, or online chat! We'll help you find the answer you need so you can shop with confidence!

6. Consider the Shipping Options

If you're leaving for the beach at 8 AM tomorrow, you probably shouldn't be ordering new duds at 10 PM tonight! 

You should always be aware of the shipping options when shopping online, especially if you're on a time crunch! At Castaway Nantucket, we offer both standard ground shipping and 2nd Day Express Shipping. If you're ready to go and want your new clothes quickly, choose the option that will put that package in your hands ASAP! 

In fact, if you do need your new clothes overnight, reach out and we'll do what we can to help you out. If not, orders placed before noon EST will ship on the same business day, so they'll still get to you fast. 

7. Find Out What It's Made Out Of 

Purchasing high-end clothing is about more than just ordering the right size. You want to make sure that it's made out of quality materials that will be soft on your skin. Nobody likes to receive a piece, fall in love, and learn that it's dry clean only!

You can avoid surprises by paying close attention to the product information. Luckily, just about all of the clothing from Castaway Nantucket is 100% cotton, so there will be no surprises here! 

Stop Making Online Clothes Shopping Mistakes!

It's hard to resist all of the incredible summer pieces in the Castaway Nantucket online clothing store! Once you master these seven shopping tips, you'll stop making online clothes shopping mistakes and start feeling great about your summer wardrobe! 

You can practice the new tips today when you browse our online collection! We know you have many options for clothes. We're thrilled that you're shopping with us, and we'll do whatever we can to ensure that you love your purchase! 

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