Staff Picks: Our Favorite Fall Embroideries

We work hard each season to refresh our embroidery offerings.

Brainstorming sessions, sketches galore and many laughs later, we welcome the new embroidery into the Castaway family.

Here, the Castaway Crew weighs in on our favorite new Fall embroideries:

Matt –  Scotch and Cigar Embroidered Pant

Scotch & Cigar 

Warm the stomach, warm the soul.

When the weather turns cold, it is time to don comfy corduroys and sit by a warm fire with a scotch and cigar. Ultimate relaxation. Check it out HERE.

 Andrew -

Embroidered Corduroy Pant Martini and Hound Dog

Booze Hound Click to check it out!

Our classic martini embroidery plus a howling hound dog pair up to make our tongue-in-cheek Booze Hound embroidery.

In past seasons we have done a Grey Goose, Swine & Shine, so the Booze Hound is in good company in the boozy-fall-embroidery category.

Ali -

Snow Crab Embroidery on Pants!

Snow Crab, little , snowy, crabby - different! See what you think.

I love when we put our own witty spin on a saying or critter.

The Snow Crab is our winter season take on one of our best-selling summer embroideries.

Tiny mittens on the crab’s claws add our signature humor to a fall delicacy.

Tony – AKA Tony with a "Y"

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Dog Embroidered Pants

Majestic and Flowing, like me!  What a beautiful creature, stunning.

I day dream (at work of course) of the day when I arrive home to a golden puppy greeting me at the door.  My fiancé and I are destined to have Goldens, as she grew up with them as family pets. No complaints here!

From Beers to Santa to Dogs to Geese, we have seen and embroidered it all…stay tuned for what we come up with next!

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