8 Summer Clothing Trends You Should Absolutely Try

If you hadn't noticed by now, there's a huge pull towards throwback trends that are dominating the world of fashion. And when it comes to upcoming summer clothing trends, you can expect to see a few throwback classics. 

Not only this, but seasonless fashion is also having a moment. This trend centers on adding key pieces to your wardrobe that are versatile enough to wear, year-round. We love that for our wallets, and not-to-mention reduced fashion waste. 

So, what can you expect to see in fashion trends when summer swings around? This blog highlights a few trendy, summery looks for both men and women. 

1. The Men's Linen Shirt 

First among the top summer fashion trends is the classic men's linen shirt. 

This is a staple in any man's wardrobe, regardless of trends, because of its simplicity and how effortlessly stylish they look on. Not only this, but linen is a great material to wear in the summer because it's lightweight and breathable. 

A long-sleeve button-down in off-white, crisp white, olive green, or light blue is the perfect, on-trend summer staple. 

2. Men's Lightweight Jeans

Another fashion trend that's set to be all the rage is lightweight jeans, instead of dark, heavy denim. We get it, why would you want to wear jeans in summer anyway? But sometimes, the occasion just calls for it. 

Luckily, there's the option of lighter denim materials and washes that make for the ideal pair of lightweight summer jeans that will keep you cool and on-trend. 

3. Men's Low-Top White Sneakers

To round off a great summer look, investing in a pair of versatile low-top white sneakers will stand you in good stead for the summer months. This minimalist white sneaker is nothing new in the world of fashion, but it's an on-trend summer staple that's not going anywhere. 

These classic sneakers pair well with almost any type of outfit, especially if you want to wear a bit of color in the summer. You want to go for smooth leather, perforated leather, or canvas for an easy shoe to wear in the warm summer months. 


4. The Classic Mini Skirt 

If the 1970s and 2000s made one key piece of clothing popular, it was the iconic mini skirt. In today's day and age, it seems the mini skirt has come full circle to make an appearance as a trendy summer staple. 

If you love the idea of whipping your legs out in all their glory in the upcoming summer months, then it's worth investing in one of these. The great thing about mini skirts is that they're versatile and work for almost any occasion (except maybe Sunday dinner at your grandma's). 

Pair your mini skirt with an oversized shirt and chunky sandals for a modern twist on an old-school classic. 


5. Puffy Sleeves 

While no one could have guessed the 80s classic trend of puffed sleeves could come full circle -- here we are in 2021/2022 and it's right on trend for summer. However, today's puffy sleeve trend is somewhat toned down compared to the garish versions of the 80s. 

Puff sleeve blouses, shirts, and dresses are a little more whimsical and fun, instead of frumpy and square. You can find a plethora of options in a range of patterns and colors, including paisley prints, gingham, and polka dots. 

This trend is dubbed ''cottagecore'' and pairs well with large, statement earrings, oversized sunglasses, and lace-up wedges or sandals. 

6. The Crop Top 

The 2000s were all about the bare midriff, and low and behold, this trend has come back to encourage us to all show off a little more skin this coming summer. The crop top trend of today also includes dresses with backless and cutout designs. 

From spandex crop tops to velvet versions and even the iconic scarf crop, there's a huge variety to pick from with this summery trend. A great way to wear this trend is with bottoms that offer a little more coverage, such as high-waisted jeans, bike shorts, or Bermuda shorts.  

7. Maxi Dresses and Boots 

Hang on, boots for summer? We know what you're thinking. They're more like a fall or winter staple. But today, there's a growing trend to pair those flirty, whimsical summer dresses (with puff sleeves) with warm-weather style boots. 

You can find a number of summer boot options on the market today that offer the same look and feel as fall/winter boots, but without the stifling heat. Some of these include sneaker boots, the knit boots, cut-out ankle boots, or suede Chelsea boots. 

The key to rocking the summer boots trend is to pair them with fancier summer items, like maxi dresses or long skirts, to tone down an outfit. Otherwise, you could invest in a pair of knee-high summer boots and pair them with your mini skirt for an evening look. 

8. The Oversized Shirt 

So, you might already own a few button-down shirts. But upcoming summer trends steer more towards the oversized shirt, than those that are well-fitted, such as a blouse. 

The oversized shirt is worth investing in as not only a trendy summer item but a seasonless fashion staple.  It's one of those pieces you can throw on, no matter the weather and it will give your outfit a casual yet chic finish. 

What's more, you can wear an oversized shirt with just about any type of bottom. Denim jeans, denim shorts, Capri shorts, Bermuda shorts, as a swimsuit coverup, you name it! 


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