The Best Womens Sailing Clothing and How to Dress for Your Next Outing

There are arguably few things better than being out on a boat on a beautiful summer's day.

From the general peace and quiet to the opportunities to engage in water-related sports, to the ability to travel around easily, whether solo or with friends and family, what is not to like?

That is why sailing has become a relaxing and fun pastime for those who like to enjoy these kinds of opportunities to the fullest.

Both novice and avid sailors may wonder how they can dress appropriately yet fashionably for all these different occasions? Do I need some ponchos, pea coats, and captain’s hats like you often see on movies and TV (hint: no, you do not!)?

Although these clothing and fabric types can be appropriate options in the right weather conditions, on your average summer day, there are much better choices out there.

Castaway Nantucket Island has many of these items available right here on their website, so today, we will look at the best womens sailing clothing and how to dress for your next outing.


Generally, what kinds of clothing should I be looking for when sailing?

For the most part, when shopping for women’s sailing clothing and sailing gear, you should be looking for comfortable, breathable, flexible, and practical items.

Comfortable items are important as your average sailing trip may last at least a couple of hours, so you will be spending a fair amount of time in the same clothing.

You want something breathable because it can certainly get hot out there in the sun, and you do not want to be in anything that can potentially hold in any sweat or smell. It is a good idea for your clothing to be a bit flexible, as there can be a lot to do on a boat to properly sail it on the water.

Finally, practicality is essential when choosing women’s sailing clothing, as you want items that are suitable for both the weather and the purpose of your outing.


Hot and Sunny Weather

A clear, blue, sunny day is often thought of as ideal for sailing. In this type of weather, there are various activities that one can engage in while on a boat. You can fish off the side of the boat, jump off and go swimming in the water, or stay on deck and read or sunbathe.

Whatever you decide to do, it is important to choose the right items to wear for the occasion. Let us now consider some of the best women’s sailing clothing for hot and sunny weather.


The Best Women’s Sailing Clothing for Hot and Sunny Weather


How about we start with tops? One of the most classic looks in women’s sailing clothing when it comes to tops is the polo shirt. You cannot go wrong with a polo, especially one that is in a lightweight, stretchy material that will help you keep cool and allow for ease of movement.

If you tend to get especially hot out there in the sun, you may opt for a sleeveless top made out of an even airier material like linen. If you find that you still get too hot out there in the sun, both tops can easily be pulled off to reveal a bathing suit underneath if you plan to swim out in the water or to sunbathe on the deck.


For your bottom half, it is hard to go wrong with a pair of sailing shorts. Paired with a block color top or even something striped, these embroidered shorts add a fun nautical look and can help you show off your love of sailing. An appropriate choice of footwear is also important for the boat.

While you may be tempted to go barefoot or wear sandals on the deck, it is not the best idea as it tends to get slippery the longer you are out on the water. Instead, opt for closed-toe shoes with a non-marking sole like these sneakers for some added foot protection while on the boat.


To accessorize your look on hot, sunny days, it is best to choose items that offer some type of sun protection. Sunglasses are an absolute must to protect your eyes, and when you are not using them, you can hang them around your neck with a Croakie to ensure that they do not get lost.

This one even floats, so if your glasses do end up going overboard, you can easily retrieve them from the water.

You can provide further sun protection for your eyes and the rest of your head with a baseball cap. Be sure to wear one of these with your hair tied back, as loose hair is not usually recommended on a sailboat.

It can get windy out there on the water, and you do not want your hair in your face the entire time or maybe even getting stuck in some of the equipment around the boat.

Another thing to keep in mind when dressing for the boat is your choice of jewelry. While, of course, jewelry is not necessary while sailing, if you want to accessorize in this way, you should keep it minimal.

Stay away from long necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and overly chunky rings that can get in your way or get caught on sailing equipment.

Also, do not bring anything especially valuable, whether sentimentally or financially, as accidents can happen out there. You do not want to take the chance of any of your most precious jewelry breaking or, even worse, falling into the water.


Cooler Weather

If your sailing day is starting at dawn or is going to go until dusk or later, you may want to plan on dressing for cooler weather.

Really though, it is always a good idea to bring some warmer clothing any time you are planning on going on the boat. The weather can change at any time out there, and you do not want to be stuck in shorts and a T-shirt if it starts to get especially cool.

A windbreaker of some sort is always a good idea to bring, as it can protect you from both the water and the wind, but let us also look at some other options for warmer women’s sailing clothing.


The Best Women’s Sailing Clothing for Cooler Weather


The best choices for women’s sailing clothing for cooler weather are those that can easily be layered over other clothing. Again, the weather can change very quickly when you are out there on the water, and you want to be prepared for anything. A quarter-zip sweatshirt with a fleece interior is a warm and stylish way to help shield you from the cold.

Since it has a self-standing collar itself, it can easily be worn with other collared polos and T-shirts. If you really tend to freeze out there and look for something even warmer, you may consider a sherpa pullover made of super soft 100% faux fur.

Both of these options are machine washable, so if the cool wind brings some dirt and debris with it, you can easily throw this in the washing machine when you get home, so it is clean and ready for your next adventure.

While you can pair these with shorts, you may also want to consider a stretchy and comfortable pair of pants for these cooler days.

If you still find yourself getting cold out there or are just simply looking for some extra coziness when cuddling up with your loved ones, considering bringing a blanket on your next sailing trip.

This one even has a nautical print that goes well with boat decor. Like the extra-warm sweaters above, this is also machine washable, so it is easy to keep it clean between sailing journeys.


Off the Boat

While it is important to dress appropriately when you are doing activities on the boat, you are not necessarily going to be hanging out on deck all day long.

A nice thing about offshore sailing is that it allows you to travel to other places, so another sailing-related activity you may want to plan for is sightseeing.

If you have been in the same boating clothes all day, they may be sweaty, wet, and dirty by the time you get to your destination.

Or, if your sightseeing destination is only a short boat ride away, you may even be comfortable just wearing clothes appropriate for grabbing lunch around the boat docks or shopping in town.

Let us now look at women’s sailing clothes that are good choices for when sightseeing and other off-boat activities are the main purposes of your journey.


The Best Women’s Sailing Clothes for Off-Boat Activities


You do not need to be as prepared for the elements while in town, so there is a little more flexibility when it comes to your clothing choices.

Perhaps you want something that is a little more dressed up for when you get off the boat, but you still want to keep with at least a bit of a nautical theme.

This skipper dress in nautical stripes is a perfect choice for either walking around town or grabbing dinner and drinks around the dock. If that is not really your style, the same activities would also be appropriate in this tunic dress, which can easily be thrown into your bag before heading out on the boat.

Speaking of a bag, a stylish option for carrying your stuff onto the boat and around town would be a tote bag. This one is made of canvas, so it is tough enough to hold a fair amount of weight and can even be monogrammed (for free!) to add more of a personal touch.

 We have now looked at the best women’s sailing clothing for your boating-related activities in hot and cool weather, as well as some fun and fashionable choices if sightseeing and shopping is the primary reason for your trip.

No matter what the purpose of your outing is, though, remember to keep in mind the general rules for how to dress for sailing, which are choosing clothes that are comfortable, breathable, flexible, and practical.

The perfect place to look for these types of sailing clothes is Castaway Nantucket Island, so please feel free to browse their website for more styles, colors, and patterns to fit your tastes and lifestyle.

You should be able to find just about everything you need when it comes to sailing apparel to dress appropriately and fashionably for your next boating adventure. Have a great triip.

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