Born in the USA: 8 Patriotic Americana Styles You Need for Summer

Did you know that 85% of Americans show their patriotism by wearing Americana clothing or displaying a flag? And if you're also a die-hard patriot, who believes in freedom and equality, then you're probably looking to find the best Fourth of July styles. 

If so, keep reading to learn about the most stylish patriotic Americana clothes. We promise you won't want to miss this one.

What Colors Should I Incorporate for My Summer Styles?

For summer styles, the colors you wear should match the weather outside. Therefore, wear yellow, navy, orange, pink, and nude. However, for Independence Day, ensure you incorporate at least one of the colors on the American flag. 

So you can wear all blue, or maybe white and red, or a mix of all three. Whatever you decide make sure you style your outfits correctly.

Patriotic Americana Clothing Styles

Most 4th of July get together tend to be more casual. Therefore, we recommend going for a beach-chic or casual look. With beach-chic you can wear some simple sandals and rock your red, white, and blue in a more relaxed way.

For example, if you're a male, you can wear Americana swimming trunks. Or for women, you can wear a one-piece swimsuit with the American flag or stripes on them.

If you decided on comfy casual, you can wear Americana sailing shorts. These kinds of shorts differ from regular denim shorts, as they are more comfortable and airy. If you want to dress it up just a tad, a nice white, blue, or red skirt will do the trick!

For men, we recommend a comfy button-up or a white t-shirt paired with red or blue shorts. Overall, your outfit choice should depend on the occasion.

So for a BBQ, small party, or light show, we recommend wearing a casual look.  However, if you're going to a pool, lake, or beach party then beach-chic will suit the occasion.

Americana Clothing for Sophisticated Events

Being patriotic can be hard if you're going to an elegant affair. But don't worry because there are still fourth of July styles you can wear!

For starters, an all-white party will be the easiest way to show your patriotism while still adhering to any dress codes. For example, you can wear a white gown and your partner can do an all-white suit and tie.

For a little added detail, you can wear an Americano-themed watch or other jewelry. Next, if you want to make your summer styles more sophisticated you can wear a navy-colored skirt with a button-up shirt. For men, nice cord pants and a blue or white shirt.

Family 4th of July Styles

Coordinating outfits with the family is a great way to your pride. For a more subtle look, wear hues of red, white, or blue. For example, everyone can wear white and then add red or white accessories.

Or everyone you can have everyone wear a different color. For example, you can wear white, your partner can wear blue. And then the kids can wear red!

If you want a more uniform look, have everyone wear khaki pants with a nice white or blue shirt. This option is also great if you plan on taking pictures!

Cute Americana Clothing Styles for the Kids

If you have little ones then you know hard it can be to get them dressed, especially in never outfits. Luckily, there are ways to style your little one, while still allowing them to be comfortable.

For starters, if you have a young boy in your life, you can dress them in an Americana button-up. These kinds of shirts allow your little one to be comfortable because of the cotton fabric. Not to mention, they are easy to put on. These kinds of shirts are also easy to put on even if you have an energetic little one. 

For bottoms, we recommend nice Americana shorts. They are comfortable and great for a hot summer day. So your little one will be able to play, without getting too overheated.

If you have a young girl, we recommend a nice blue dress with white sneakers. Or a red, white, and blue checkered dress. Dresses are always a top pick since they don't require much styling. 

Should I Wear Accessories on Independence Day?

The answer is yes! You should wear accessories. They make your outfit pop and it's an easy way to show your patriotism. For women, we recommend wearing white accessories like pearls. You can also wear a white sun hat to elevate any beachy chic look. 

For men, wear an Americana baseball cap, if you're going to a relaxed event. However, if you want to look more sophisticated a nice Americana belt will amp up your look. 

You can also pair a belt with a matching tie to bring the look together. However, we recommend that the belt has tones of red, white, or blue. 

Americana Embroided Pants 

Last but not least, Americana embroidered pants for men are a great way to show your pride. You might be thinking that pants are not practical for summer weather. However, pants are great for summer weather if they're made with cotton and have a stretch design. 

So if you want to wear something funky and creative, consider wearing Americana pants. Some designs have a navy base with "USA" embroidered on them.  You could even pair these pants with a red, white, and blue blazer to complete the look!

Summer Styles Made Easy

Americana clothing is easy to style if you know what you're doing. And hopefully, this article has taught you that. So get your coolers and flags ready, because summer is just around the corner.

So if you want to start doing some early shopping for summer, visit our products page for a full list of quality clothes!

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