Castaway Dream Machine - 1991 Final Edition Grand Wagoneer

Dear Friends,

This is not 1988, or 1989. This is 1991, when only 1,560 "Final Edition" Grand Wagoneers were paneled and rolled out.

Our grandfather came to own one (another story for another day) and he would take us crisscrossing the Island backroads, kicking up dust from Monomoy to Cisco, teaching us how to drive and giving the big jeep a few "Nantucket Pinstripes" in the process. Watch those bushes, boys!

The whole family would occasionally pile in and slalom out to Great Point to cast for blues and stripers – we even caught a few!  This car summons a lot of great memories for us and we're sure that the iconic Grand Wagoneer captures a time, a place, a smile on the face, for many people.

Sadly, Granpa's Wagoneer is long gone, but last year we were able to share the opportunity to own one – fully restored and decked out by Wagonmaster. The Castaway Dream Machine lives on, and we like to think of it driving somewhere, windows down, a sea breeze whistling softly past the oversized sideview mirrors ...  

Sincerely, & Nostalgically, 
Andrew & Matt

Castaway Founders, Islanders, C+ Drivers


  • Steven Hinding

    Do you still have one available? Price & mileage?

  • brian neil

    Can you send me full specs and pics?

  • Kevin Schlosberg

    send me more pictures, I am very interested- What is mileage?

  • Chris McManus

    Dream car…..

  • Randy Coppersmith

    She’s a real beauty! It would be amazing to roll around Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay in this old classic.

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