Fashion Faux Pas: 10 Men's Fashion Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Are you looking to improve your men's fashion game?

While trends come and go, it can be difficult to keep on track with what's in style. After all, what may have been the go-to style last summer may no longer be considered on the hot list.

So, can we really be expected to keep up with today's ever-changing world of fashion?

The truth is, keeping up with the fashion trends and the fashion mistakes don't have to be such a challenge. With a few key pointers and a push in the right direction, staying up-to-date in the world of fashion can actually be pretty simple.

If fashion isn't exactly your forte, you're going to want to read this. We're documenting ten fashion faux pas that is best avoided by all men. With these pointers, you can rest assured that you'll no longer be the victim of these key fashion mistakes!

1. Ill-Fitting Trousers

First and foremost, the secret to any top-notch outfit is a pair of fitted trousers. Be it jeans, chinos or suiting trousers, it's essential to ensure that your trousers are properly fitted to your body.

Without a proper fit, your outfit will fail to look put together and will often produce a juvenile and unprofessional look.

While it may be tempting to forgo first trying and altering a pair of trousers, remember that this step is essential. If your trousers are not fitting properly, be sure to have them altered by a seamstress. Throw in a cuffed hem while you are at the tailor for a classic look.

2. Bulky Winter Boots

Come winter, the struggle to find the right cold-weather boot can be a challenge for the majority of men.  

After all, we're typically looking to combine warmth with a slight degree of style. For many, the goal is to find a pair of boots that combat the cold while also being office-friendly throughout the week.

While it may be tempting to reach for your go-to snow boots, do your best to resist this urge. Instead, be sure to invest in a winter boot that combines style with practicality. Today, there are a number of men's boots that are waterproof, resist cold temperatures and still compliment a suit.

3. Excessive Prints

When it comes to suiting, remember that a print is generally your friend.

However, it's equally important to remember that too many prints are not exactly your friend. That being said, resist the temptation to mix and match excessive prints.

With too many prints, the outfit becomes too loud and overbearing. Instead, commit to a single print pant such as paisley, pinstripe or plaid.

4. Socks and Sandals

Although this fashion faux pas might seem obvious to most, it's still a well-practiced ritual for many men. Socks and sandals as a pair have been around since what feels like the beginning of time. But, it's long history certainly doesn't mean that it should be a continued practice.

After all, one of the true joys in enjoying sandals is to free our feet from the constraints of socks!

So, the next time to reach for your socks on your way to the beach, think again. Not only will you be improving your look, but you'll also be improving your overall comfort and experience.

5. Fingerless Gloves

Let's be honest, the only people that should be wearing fingerless gloves are the boy bands of the past.

The fingerless glove trend became popular in the eighties and, well, it's only gone downhill from there. While these gloves once signified that you were musically inclined, they now signify that you're living in the past.

If you're serious about rocking some retro style gloves, try opting for fine vintage leather. While this look is generally vintage, leather has stood the test of time and continues to reign in popularity.

Alternately, most wool gloves these days have thumb and pointer fingertip fabric that can be used for texting on your phone while staying warm!

6. Graphic T-shirts

Remember those bold, graphic tees that we used to love wearing as kids? From Superman to Ghostbusters and everything in between, these graphic tees made the bulk of many wardrobes.

Unfortunately, as we grow in age, those graphic tees should no longer be a staple in our wardrobe. The same is true for comical t-shirts that portray a joke or saying. While there's no denying these tees were fun as kids, their typically best avoided as we grow older.

If you're really having trouble parting with your Superman tee, you can give yourself permission to safely wear it around the house!

Or pair it with a pair of dark wash fitted jeans, and a patterned soft shoulder blazer for a cool, hipster vibe.

7. Suit Shorts

Even in the heat of summer, we're going to go on a limb and say that suit shorts are to be avoided at all costs. Sure, we may have seen them sported by rockstars in the late nineties, but we're doing our best to forget what happened.

If you're looking for the best way to beat the heat when it comes to summer suiting, it's all about finding the best fabrics. Try opting for a lighter material such as linen or cotton. It's also helpful to choose lighter colors such as light grey, baby blue or even khaki.

Seersucker is also a classic summertime suiting fabric, that will keep you cool and enhance your prepster schoolboy memories.

8. The Ski Jacket

As the cold weather rolls in, it's tempting for many men to reach for their ski jacket to combat the cold.

But, the cold hard truth is, your ski jacket belongs exclusively to the ski hill. While it's built for resisting cold temperatures and being active, it's not exactly bred for the office.

Instead, try opting for a classic peacoat or a winter trench. These coats still battle cold weather while also looking polished, professional and complimenting your overall look. It's safe to say a solid winter coat will be a key player in your winter wardrobe for years to come.

9. Accessory Overload

It's safe to say that accessories are not just a fashion statement that is made for women.

However, the differences lie in just how many accessories work best for each sex. While women tend to layer their jewelry and accessories, this trend is best avoided for men.

Instead, men should stick to a few key accessories and resist the temptation to overload. For best practice, try sticking to a wristwatch and a few other token accessories such as a ring and a necklace.

10. Nighttime Sunglasses

Fortunately, this last fashion faux pas is relatively straightforward.

If the sun's not out, neither should your sunglasses be. While a great pair of sunglasses is a fabulous contribution to every man's wardrobe, remember that there is a time and a place for such an accessory.

Don't hesitate to wear your favorite shades while the sun is shining, but always stash those shades away come nighttime.

How to Avoid Key Fashion Mistakes

In the men's fashion world, dressing your best isn't only limited to fashionistas.

As menswear continues to become more prioritized in the world of fashion, it's only going to get easier to avoid fashion mistakes and generate fabulous, long-term clothing inventory.

With a few key tips and tricks, all men can look forward to rocking a modern and impressive wardrobe. In understanding what's best avoided, this will help you to understand what trends are worth investing your hard-earned money in.

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