From Beach Chic to Made in the Shade: Spring Wardrobe Essentials You Need in Your Closet

From Beach Chic to Made in the Shade: Spring Wardrobe Essentials You Need in Your Closet


Spring is in the air, and it's time to shop. What's a better way to enjoy fresh breezes and sunny days at the beach than with some new additions to your wardrobe?

Spring can be hard to dress for, as the weather goes from warm to cold and back to warm again. But some new wardrobe essentials may be all that you need to transform your winter and summer clothes into the perfect spring attire.

Keep reading to discover our list of spring wardrobe essentials you need in your closet.

Something Floral

Did you know that the first flowers that typically bloom in spring are lilacs, dandelions, tulips, daffodils, and iris'? Spring is the absolute perfect time to wear something floral. The bright cheery colors & patterns will put you in the Spring state of mind, even if you are in the rainy periods.

And what better way to spend a little bit of that tax return than on a floral dress or a Hawaiian shirt? Florals are one thing in fashion that never goes out of style so it's always a good investment to purchase something floral. Year after year you can dress up or down a floral piece with a jean jacket, or linen pants.  

If you're tired of blouses or dresses, opt for a nice pop in your closet like a pair of floral flats or floral capris! Printed sneakers and mules are huge for Spring 2019, and add that something-something to any outfit.

The Perfect Hat

In the Victorian era, if you weren't wearing a hat, you were of seemingly low class. In fact, hats have been around since the beginning of time. And when it comes to hats, the possibilities are endless.

Investing in a new hat for spring is an excellent way to both spruce up your wardrobe AND have added protection against the sun's rays. From caps to straw hats to sun hats, there is a vast selection that is always in fashion.

Check out this baseball cap of ours. Nothing says spring like blue seersucker!

A White T-Shirt

A crisp white t-shirt should be a staple in every man, woman, and child's spring closet. White tees can be worn with almost anything from being paired with jeans to under a dress to under a button up or a sweater. A classic crew neck is always a good move, but also consider a trendier and neck elongating v-neck style.

Opt for a modern look and soft cotton that lasts. Or buy in bulk and save some money. Spring is a time to wear color and to experiment with bright pants or new statement jewelry. A white t-shirt is a fashionable way to allow those bits of color to pop while staying comfortable.

A Jean Jacket

You can never have too many jean jackets, seriously. They are as American as apple pie. And if you don't have any at all, then now is the time! From black to dark denim to distressed denim to a cropped jacket, a jean jacket is one of the most important wardrobe staples that a man, or woman, can own.

A jean jacket is perfect for transferring over from a warm spring day to a cool spring night. They can be dressed up or dressed down for almost any occasion. And, they can be worn with almost anything.

Jean jackets go back over 200 years, and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. They have and always will remain a fashionable choice for your wardrobe checklist. Don’t be turned off thinking a denim jacket is a western style. Jean Jackets are making a big comeback on top of floral spring slip dresses, or bedazzled with your name. Many Brides are opting to patch on their new last name to the back of a jacket, for a fun and multi-use, Bachelorette party item.

Guys can wear this style by rolling up the sleeves a bit and opting for a more oversized fit. This will give you the cool and casual look of Levi Strauss, who created the style in the US in 1880. This style was originally intended to be work apparel, but like all fashion, has appealed to a broader audience over time.

Embroidered Pants And Shorts

Many holidays are right around the corner. From St. Patrick's Day to Labor Day and from Memorial Day to the 4th of July, a pair of embroidered pants will be the talk of any backyard BBQ! They add flair to your outfit and personality to your pants, can act as a great conversation starter.

Check out the vast selection that we offer so that you can make your spring statement count today. Our Harbor Flag Pant Flag Panel pair is the perfect thing to wear to a 4th of July BBQ.

You could roll them up and pair them with some boat shoes and a white tee. Or you could opt for a classic white collared shirt and a pair of loafers to take you and your celebration into the night.

Embroidered items feel special, and like one of a kind pieces. Find a motif that fits your interests, such as fishing, or fits the dress code theme of a soiree, such as martinis.

A Crossbody Bag

Spring is full of life and excitement. It's full of days where you might start off at a BBQ and end up watching the sunset on the beach.

For those days of adventuring and nights of dancing under the stars, you want to make sure that you keep your belongings safely in tow. Furthermore, you don't want to be stuck with a bag that stops you from having fun.

A crossbody bag is a perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe. You can keep your essentials safe but feel free as it loops around your body without you having to think about it.

A New Bathing Suit

With spring here, summer is just around the corner! Nothing will give you confidence like a new bathing suit for the first day on the beach. Swimwear is the place to go wild in your wardrobe. Pick a bold pattern or fun embroidery, and strut your stuff! Check out our new spring options for men.

One of the great things about bathing suits is that you can wear them day after day, without judgment. While you might not want to wear the same dress or the same pants every single day, it's perfectly acceptable to do so with your bathing suit. May we suggest topping it off with a snazzy SPF Sun Shirt. These are all the rage right now, and for good reason! Protect your skin, so you can make the most of the long summer days on the water, or at the beach. Some even match back to your swim trunks!

Stock Up On Some New Spring Wardrobe Essentials

You've made it through the winter - hooray! Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner, so it's the perfect time to invest in those new spring wardrobe essentials. You don't have to spend a ton of money to do so.

With just a few simple new pieces, you'll feel light and refreshed and ready for the new season. Would you like help thinking about which shoes to pair with all of your new spring pieces? Check out our blog on the best spring footwear for 2019.

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