Your Guide to Casual Golf Attire for Ladies

Though it is perhaps most often associated with pictures of men hanging out with their friends and doing business with colleagues, golf has become increasingly more popular with women throughout the years.

With its beautiful green spaces, fun golf carts, ability to set your own pace, and opportunities for social interaction, what is not to love about this sport?

When not out on the greens, the clubhouses for golfers also add opportunities for players to meet, relax, eat, drink and socialize with each other.

When looking around at everyone grouped together in these places, you may notice certain styles or trends specific to female golfers.

Today we will look at the different kinds of casual golf attire for ladies and how to look your best whether you are out on the greens or in the clubhouse.

But first, let us see how casual golf attire for ladies has evolved and changed over time to get us where we are today.


A Brief History of Ladies’ Golf Fashion

Casual golf attire for ladies has changed considerably throughout the years. For example, in the middle of the nineteenth century, Scottish women just wore their everyday Victorian clothes, often consisting of stiff bustles and petticoats that almost went down to the ground.

It is hard to imagine getting the range of motion necessary to swing a club in that type of clothing!

It was not until around the 1920s that female golfers started to wear less restrictive clothing for the sport, such as one-piece dresses, pleated skirts, blouses, and knit cardigans.

Women continued to wear variations of these styles throughout the 1950s and 1960s, with skirt lengths, for example, finally going above the ankles, making it significantly easier to swing a golf club.

Some women began to forgo skirts altogether around this time, instead opting for Bermuda shorts or culottes when out on the greens.

Golf attire for ladies would continue to evolve throughout the 1970s and 80s, with women now often favoring pants, pleated shorts, and polo shirts.

It was not until the 1990s, though, that fashion moguls like Ralph Lauren and Ashworth came out with lines of golf wear specifically for the ladies.

These collections featured oversized polo shirts paired with pleated khaki shorts, and this marked the advent of the classic preppy fashion often worn by golfers today.

These fashions continued to be popular throughout the beginning of the 2000s until now, with the only real notable differences being the incorporation of more breathable fabrics and flexible material.

These allow female golfers to keep relatively cool while out on the greens while not compromising the range of motion necessary to complete an accurate and powerful swing.

Let us now delve further into what is considered fashionable in casual golf attire for ladies today.




Casual golf attire for ladies these days continues to allow for both ease of movement and style.

Largely gone are the days of wearing blouses to the greens, with many women instead favoring a more comfortable and preppy top such as the polo shirt.

This will often be seen in classic white, but other colors like pink and blue in both soft and bright tones are also perfectly acceptable and fashionable out on the golf course.

While it can certainly be dressed down for the casual golfer, even professional golfers tend to wear this type of shirt as the LGPA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) introduced a dress code in 2017 that required players to wear a collared shirt.

If a player is out on an especially cool day or even early in the mornings, they may want something like a quarter-zip sweatshirt over top of their polo that can easily be taken off as it gets warmer in the day.



While wearing a nice pair of slacks is always a safe option for both men and women while out golfing, sometimes it can get a bit too hot out there in the sun.

In that case, a pair of shorts or a stretchy skirt is a perfect choice for ladies' casual golf attire. You can also always go with a golf skort which is essentially a skirt and short combined.

If you are wearing a black color on top, a cute print or pattern on the bottom in a contrasting yet complementary color can add some fun and style to your look.

However, it is important to be careful when choosing these types of shorter bottoms as they typically should not reach above the fingertips when standing with your arms at your side.

In addition to this guideline for golf apparel, yoga pants, sweatpants, and jeans are generally not allowed or simply frowned upon at certain courses and clubs.

If a player is tempted to wear these items anyway, it is important to remember to check the dress code before showing up for a game.



Though they are known to be comfortable and may help with your swing, the casual female golfer may not want to invest in a pair of golf shoes.

In that case, a pair of sneakers may be a more practical, not to mention stylish, choice, as these shoes are usually allowed on the greens.

Footwear like sandals, boots, and high heels should be left at home when playing golf.

Not only are these choices not going to be particularly comfortable while playing an eighteen-hole game, but high heels especially may damage the green.

Most colors are an acceptable choice on the golf course, but make sure they do not clash with the rest of your outfit.




There does not tend to be much shade out on a golf course, so it is important to wear something for sun protection.

While you can always slather your body in sunscreen before heading out, you should also have something on to protect the eyes and head from the harsh sun rays.

A pair of sunglasses are an excellent choice to defend your eyes from the sun, but what about the rest of your head? Some type of hat is certainly a must-have when out for a day of golf.

When thinking of a hat for just such an occasion, you may picture something like a tartan golf hat. Though tartan is certainly still fashionable out on the greens, it may not be a look for everyone.

For the casual player, a visor or baseball cap may be more appropriate and is perhaps something that is already a part of your wardrobe.

Depending on the weather and personal taste, you may even choose to wear something like a beanie, bucket hat, or straw hat.

There is some leeway when it comes to what kind of headwear is acceptable on a golf course, but you should probably stay away from cowboy hats and fedoras.

A couple of other quick notes about accessories. When observing others playing golf, you may notice that some choose to wear a glove on only one of their hands.

This type of special golfing glove is worn on the non-dominant hand and is meant to help you keep a firm grip on your club. This is especially true in hot weather when the hands may become slick with sweat.

If you do choose to pick up a glove, it may be best to get one in a neutral color so it will coordinate with all your outfits.

Finally, while a purse or bag is acceptable on a golf course to carry your personal belongings, most golfers will store their possessions in an extra pocket typically found in most golf bags.


General Tips

Now that you know all the essentials to pick up when shopping for casual golf attire for ladies remember to keep a few things in mind when putting everything together.

First, try to have only one article of golf clothing that is especially brightly colored or patterned and keep the rest relatively neutral. This is to avoid clashing and just generally looking too busy.

Second, for golf tops and bottoms especially in women's golf, choose contrasting colors. For example, a white shirt with blue shorts or a golf skirt makes for a good look on a golf course at a country club.

Finally, when accessorizing, you can try and match the colors of your shoes, hat, and belt to make your outfit really come together.

 Whether you are brand new to the game or an avid player who needs new athletic attire, Castaway Nantucket Island is the perfect place to look for your casual golf attire for ladies.

Their golf clothing and accessories allow players to move around easily when swinging those clubs and getting around the course while not compromising style.

The fact that these outfits also transition easily to the clubhouse when you are done on the course makes them even more necessary staples in every woman’s golfing wardrobe.

Please feel free to browse the Castaway Nantucket Island website for more styles, colors, and variations of the clothing and accessories discussed today, and good luck out there on the green with your new casual attire!


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