How to Style Capri Pants

How to Style Capri Pants

Who says longer is better?

The Ankle Capri is making a come back with bold colors, prints, raw hems and detailing. Make your Puritanical New England ancestors gasp by showing off that smooth sliver of the ankle.

But how? You ask. How do I style these pants to make them look chic and not like I've had a growth spurt?

We've got you covered for every season and occasion. All you need to do is read our styling suggestions below!

Women Capri Pants Styling

Are you looking for something a little shorter than your normal day to day jeans or slacks? Capris have been a style staple since your parents days.

But it can be hard to find the right fit, and by fit we mean length.

You don't want your capris to look like flood waders - which are too close to the foot and not lower calf-ankle.

However, if they're not long enough, you risk hitting your leg in the mid-calf area, which is universally unflattering. The pedal pushers of the 1950’s & ‘60’s are in the past, and need to stay there!

You want capris to hit about three inches above your ankle bone.

When you're buying online, make sure you know your inseam. That's the measurement from your crotch to the base of your ankle.

While you're taking your inseam, you can measure about where you'd like your capris to land. Then when you're shopping you'll have the exact number you need.

Too long? Go ahead and fold them up once. They look cute and give a retro feel!

Outfit Ideas for Women's Capri Pants

Now that you know how your pants should fit, what should you do about styling them? First off, find a pair of pants you really like, then style them with our OOTD ideas below.

A Capri and a Boat Neck

Are you a fan of supermodel and actress Sophia Loren? The classic lady really knew how to balance out showing skin. And you can copy her elegance with a simple boatneck sweater (or T-shirt) paired with capris.

This, too, is a great look for lounging around town or the beach. It gives off a very Mediterranean vibe, especially if the top you choose has horizontal stripes. As classic preppies, we fully support a navy/white or red/white combo stripe for all occasions.

A low messy bun and a straw sun hat will pair nicely, and make you feel like you are on vacation. Add some simple sandals or espadrilles and you're good to go.

Capris and A Peplum

It's hard to find a figure that can't benefit from a well-fitting peplum blouse. They're designed to create a feminine shape and have come back into style as of late.

They're usually in casual, blouse-y fabrics, which make them a great match for your ankle-length capris.

Take our Ankle Capri Navy with Shamrock pants for example. They're a royal/navy blue with cute bright green little shamrocks. Pairing these crops with a white peplum blouse will take these pants into "Junior League President" level cuteness.

Or pair them with a plaid button down shirt, if that's more seasonally appropriate. Some chic little low-ankle booties and you don't need any luck of the Irish. You already look like a pot of gold!

The Half-Workday Look

Do you like the preppier side of life? Us too (that shouldn't be a surprise). What's preppier than a cute blazer? Nothing we can think of.

To balance out the formality of a blazer, think about the fabric it's made of. The lighter the fabric the more casual it'll come off. Linen or cotton are great materials for this pairing.

The most undeniably classic item in a woman’s wardrobe is the perfect fitting crisp white button down shirt. Carolina Herrera and Audrey Hepburn taught us that a perfectly fitting white blouse can command a room, and define a personal style. A tailored fit with a structured collar, the proper shirttail length, and the fabric sheerness (or lack thereof) are the most important factors in finding your perfect shirt.

If you really want to hit the preppy nail on the head, seersucker will pair great and look (plus feel!) easy breezy. Pair this outfit with a pair of cute and clean keds or simple flats.

This outfit screams dinner at the country club or dinner cruise for two. You'll look absolutely darling if we do so say ourselves.

Shorter is Better

No matter what size or age you are,  we're a big fan of the everyday ankle capri pants look. They're chic and easy to style and can go from formal to casual with the change of a top. Our specialty is whimsical embroideries for every season, but we also love a classic plaid! Dress up for the Holidays in our Wool Tartan Ankle Capri, and be the hit of your gathering.

All that's left now is for you to pick a pair that you really love. With our adorable prints, that should be even easier than reading this article.

Take a look at our selection here.

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