The Preppy Empty Nester – Your Style Guide for 2021

Unfortunately (or perhaps finally!), your kids have officially grown up and left the house.

Who is going to help you keep up with the latest trends in fashion now? Luckily, Castaway Nantucket Island has everything the preppy empty nester needs to keep them stylish in 2021.

And even just for yourself and/or your partner! Some people really subscribe to the idea of look good, feel good. Before we get into the latest fashions for 2021, let us more closely at the term “empty nester.”


Who Are Empty Nesters?

An empty nester describes a parent whose kids have aged up and left the house. It is based on the idea that after a bird’s babies have grown up enough to fly away on their own, all they leave behind is an empty nest.

Now, this term often gives a sense that parents are often lonely and sad for a bit after their children leave, and this is often true.

However, there are also some benefits to being empty nesters, such as a new appreciation for the peace and quiet, the extra time and perhaps money, future grandbabies (!), reconnecting with your partner, and getting to once again find yourself.

Maybe you have always been interested in keeping up with the latest fashion trends but have often been too busy with the kids or otherwise bothered to put in too much effort.

If that is the case, now is the perfect time to update your style. Especially if you are a preppy empty nester, Castaway Nantucket Island has all the latest styles for your favorite seasons and associated activities in 2021. Let us get started with some springtime looks.


 Spring 2021

spring 2021

Ah, spring. If you get especially cold weather during the winter where you live, there are few things more relieving than the blooming of flowers, warmer temperatures, and the return of green grass.

When the weather is relatively dry, springtime provides the perfect temperatures for outdoor activities like gardening, walking the dog, and hiking.

On those days when it is raining (and how numerous they seem sometimes!), empty nesters may find themselves just hanging around at home or their local club for a few drinks.


What Should I Wear in the Spring?

spring shirt               spring jackets

Since the weather tends to still be cool in the spring, the preppy empty nester will likely want to keep themselves covered up a bit when going out. Pastels are always in style for spring, so men may want a button-up shirt in some softer colors and some long pants – these even come in a fun Easter pattern for the holiday!

Women can also get into the Easter spirit with a pastel skirt that comes in the same print. If spending some time outside, men may choose to pair these with a vest with a durable nylon shell in all weather conditions, while females may prefer to go with the full sleeves provided by a quarter-zip sweatshirt.


Summer 2021

summer 2021

Once the rain has largely given way and everything is finally in full bloom, we are officially into the summer season.

This is the time of year to engage in a lot of favorite outdoor activities like golfing, tennis, sailing, and swimming.

When the day’s activities are done, one might find themselves at home at a BBQ or out for dinner and drinks with friends on a patio.

Either way, the preppy empty nester will be looking for clothes to help keep them cool while not compromising style.


 What Should I Wear in the Summer?

Summer Skirt    Summer Shorts     Summer Sleeveless Tops

In the summer, nearly everyone is showing more skin to help beat the heat. When women find themselves out running errands during the day and then needing to transition to a BBQ party afterward, they may choose a cute skipper dress that works for both occasions. Or perhaps they are enjoying a day out on the boat, and in this case, a pair of shorts and a sleeveless top may be more appropriate.

If men want to go out on the water in style but with some element of protection, this sun shirt features a stylish color and graphic in addition to providing UPF 50+ solar protection. And if you are swimming while there, these swim trunks are quick-drying, which means you will not be stuck in wet shorts the whole time you are out.

After men are done with their active clothes at the beach, they may want to choose a nice pair of shorts and a colorful madras shirt to wear on a date with their partner or out with friends.


Fall 2021

fall 2021

The classic colors of red, orange, and yellow, along with a cooler temperature, make fall one of the most beautiful and enjoyable times of the year to spend outdoors.

Perhaps you like to go out and enjoy nature by engaging in something like apple picking, or maybe you just want to enjoy it from the inside while lounging around.

Either way, the preppy empty nester will likely be looking for stylish clothing that will help keep you cozy and comfortable as the temperature starts to fall.


 What Should I Wear in the Fall?

Fall Sweatshirt    Fall Hat   Fall Pants

As the weather begins to get cooler, a warmer wardrobe is essential. For those who plan on spending some time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, this quilted sweatshirt will not only keep you warm but can fold up small enough to fit in a backpack when you are on the go.

This can be worn with a pair of corduroy pants and even topped off with a corduroy hat to help protect your eyes from the sun on those especially bright days.

The ladies who also want to incorporate the favorite fall material of corduroy into their wardrobes may consider a corduroy skirt that will work for apple picking or going out with friends. And if they find themselves getting chilly, a quarter zip sweatshirt is again a great option that can help keep them warm all season long.

If you are the type of preppy empty nester that prefers just lounging around the house as it starts to cool down, these lounge pants are a more stylish alternative to sweatpants while still providing maximum comfort.


 Winter 2021

winter 2021

As the weather gets significantly colder and we start to approach the holiday season, winter is in full swing. The snow clearly does not fall significantly in all parts of the world.

Still, some people may choose to travel to the colder areas to engage in winter activities like skiing and snowboarding or to gather with family during the holidays.

This is why it always a good idea for the preppy empty nester to have at least a few stylish winter items in their wardrobes.


What Should I Wear in the Winter?

Winter Sweatshirt   Winter Belt   Winter Skirt

For the winter wardrobe, warmth and comfort are often essential when choosing clothes. With this in mind, men may enjoy a quarter zip sweatshirt in heavy cotton knit to help keep them toasty all season long.

If they tend to get extra cold, this could be worn with a pair of flannel-lined pants in a neutral color to maintain that classic look.

To accessorize, a belt in a tartan plaid (a classic winter print) can help his outfit look a little more festive. Speaking of festive, if the preppy empty nester finds themselves at a holiday party, they may want to dress for the occasion by wearing a holiday print.

This skirt comes in a martini candy cane print for the ladies, and the same pattern can be found on this dress shirt for the men. Pair these patterns with a more neutral top or bottom, and you will be ready to go for any holiday party.

 And there you have it! This preppy empty nester’s style guide for the year has covered nearly everything you may need for every season and its associated activities.

If you prefer different colors or styles of any of the items mentioned above, Castaway Nantucket Island does offer other options, so please continue to browse their website to find your perfect item. From spring to summer to fall to winter, Castaway Nantucket Island has you covered for 2021.

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