Six Types of Lifestyle Clothing for Any Season

Have you ever wondered what your life says about your style? Every day we get up, shower, and put on an outfit that reflects our personality. Sometimes, we pick a casual jumper, and other days we wear shorts to go to the beach...

There's an outfit for every season. Since the 19th Century scholars have studied the effect of clothes on our psychology from culture to different social groups and it still remains an important part of our identity. 

But, matching lifestyle clothing to different times of the year can be tricky. That's why it's important to create a list of tips to refer to for those mornings when you're staring at your wardrobe and have no idea where to start. 

So, what are some time-tested fashion tips for your style? Well, in order to know how to dress, you need to first determine your style. 

Different Types of Lifestyle Clothing

One of the most common stereotypes about being fashionable is that you need to have lots of money and keep up with the changing trends. However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

True style is about reflecting your unique personality. 

That being said, not everyone knows what their style is. A good place to start if you're searching for your distinct look is to create a mood board, experiment with several outfits, and research. 

Here is a list of some style options:

  • East Coast Lifestyle Clothing 
  • West Coast Lifestyle Clothing 
  • Active Lifestyle Clothing 
  • Creative Lifestyle Clothing 
  • Country Lifestyle Clothing 
  • Casual Lifestyle Clothing 

Once you've determined what style you like, you then need to think about how to adapt to changing seasons as well as being comfortable. 

How to Change Your Style With the Seasons

When imagine the snow falling in winter what color comes to mind? Blue? Purple? Grey?

And, when you're happy and the sun is shining in summer what colors do you see? Red? Orange? Yellow?

Color psychology is a key part of defining your lifestyle clothing. For example, blue represents tranquility, stability, and loyalty. Whereas black conveys power, mystery, and professionalism. 

After color, there are a few other aspects you need to consider when picking an outfit for different seasons. 


For winter you should wear heavier textures with dark colors. Even though dark colors can appear more formal they also look great in colder temperatures. 

During spring you want to focus on light textures and colors. Think of it like this, the weather is bright and light so your clothes should match!

Finally, summer is similar to spring but you can brighten the colors and textures even more so white, beige, and pastel colors. For autumn you want to highlight natural tones and cozy textures.


Just like with colors and textures, footwear also gets darker and heavier in winter and autumn. Whereas shoes should be lighter in spring and summer.

The best way to tell if you're wearing the right footwear is that your feet are warm and comfortable. Now, let's talk about how you can match various styles to different seasons...

Six Types of Lifestyle Clothing 

When it comes to dressing at different times of the year, as long as you have the basics covered like color, texture, and shoes you can make any outfit work no matter if it's raining outside or not. 

So, let's break down six lifestyle clothing choices during all the seasons. 

1) East Coast Style 

East coast styles are normally associated with sleek, loose-fitting clothing. Therefore, a pair of denim jeans are an absolute must when it comes to filling your wardrobe. 

You also want to make sure you always have a belt at your fingertips. That way you can style a nice shirt with a pair of loafers or black leather shoes. 

Seeing that the east coast style involves a lot of monotone colors makes the color scheme easy to choose from throughout the year.

2) West Coast Style 

In contrast to the east coast style, the west coast style symbolizes a more relaxed, comfortable personality. For women, that means a tunic dress in summer and polo shirts in spring and autumn. 

And, for men, it means a pair of shorts or corduroy pants. When the weather gets colder, you'll want to opt for long capri pants or loose-fitting denim jeans. 

3) Active Style 

Many lifestyle clothing brands sell lots of activewear as it's a popular choice for people looking for comfort as well as functionality. But, what is activewear?

Activewear is anything from parkas, hoodies, pants, and fleece jumpers. The great thing about this style is you can wear it all year round!

4) Creative Style 

If you're a free spirit who likes dressing creatively then bold colors are your best friend. It doesn't matter what time of year it is you can always sprinkle some color into your wardrobe...

Whether that be with brown shoes instead of black, a grey shirt instead of white, or a bright blue top in summer. 

5) Country Style 

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? If so, then you want flexible clothes that are suited for all types of weather. For instance, you want a jacket that is waterproof and trousers that has a thick lining. 

In summer, you want to dress in clothes that are light like shorts, t-shirts, and polo necks.

6) Casual Style 

However, if you want something easy that can be adapted to any season then a casual style is the choice for you. This can be anything from leggings with a loose top, shorts and a linen shirt, or a long summer dress. 

For footwear, you want sneakers, plain boots, and simple flip-flops. 

Luckily, the lifestyle clothing boutique Castaway Clothing has everything you need for the perfect all-season wardrobe.

Clothes With Style and Special Touches 

Unlike other lifestyle clothing brands, Castaway Clothing prides itself on one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing inspired by the beautiful Nantucket Island.

Their unique embroidered designs are guaranteed to make your outfit stand out from the crowd and get your style noticed. Plus, they have different clothes for winter, spring, summer, and autumn...

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