Spring Footwear 2019: Top Spring Shoe Trends

Spring Footwear: Top Spring Shoe Trends

The sun is shining, the skies are a clear crystal blue, and it's finally safe to leave the house without tons of layers. It's official -- spring is finally here!

Along with coats, gloves, and scarves, it's time to ditch those boring boots. They were warm and functional but now you get to have a little bit of fun with your footwear.

While sandals are always a top seller, you have more stylish choices. Here's our guide to the best spring footwear trends!

White Sneakers

Crisp white kicks are the ultimate shoes for spring! They are fashion workhorses, perfect for both men and women to wear everywhere. Sneakers have made a major comeback in the past few years in the fashion world. High-end designers such as Chanel & Fendi have revolutionized the white Dad sneaker look, adding pops of color and embellishments, giving the sneaker new life.

Keep it classic and find a low-top pair in all white. A clean white shoe is the most versatile option, as they can transition seamlessly from casual to dressy depending on what you pair them with. They can kick a man's stuffy suit up a couple of notches, or give a woman a laid-back, "cool girl" vibe when she's just in a simple sundress.


Another all-around great shoe is an espadrille. These are typically made of woven straw on the bottom with a canvas upper. Men's espadrilles are typically flat slip-ons that go from the beach to dinner out. Women's espadrilles can come in tons of styles, from wedges, to strappy heels, and classic flats. Bonus: your espadrilles transition perfectly from spring to summertime.

This style originated around the French & Spanish border and derives its name from the material that makes up the sole of the shoe. Simple & functional, espadrilles have become a classic staple in the preppy wardrobe. Paired with nautical stripe sweaters and white jeans, they are perfect for vacation mode.

Woven Sneakers

Kanye West broke the internet when he introduced his sneaker collaboration with Adidas, the Yeezy Boost 350. Although they cost $200 at the time of their release, they sold out within an hour.

Many high-end brands have embraced the "sock shoe" trend. These are sneakers with woven, breathable material attached to the typical rubber sneaker sole. Don't mistake these for something you pull on when you're running errands. The right pair makes any outfit look cool and stylish.


Spring fashion is all about being tasteful yet comfortable at the same time. No shoe demonstrates that better than the classic men's loafer. A chestnut brown or black leather pair keeps you comfortable while you're braving the boardroom. Bring your suede pair out to play on the weekend. Keep a few different kinds in various materials so you'll always have a perfect go-to shoe, no matter the weather. A trend with Cole Haan recently has led to deep blue and light tan color combos to add a little fun to your business attire. Try our classic Drivers with a fun tri-colored bearing to spice things up!

"Dad" Shoes

One of the biggest trends right now is "dad" shoes. These are usually big, chunky sneakers that try to be ugly on purpose. We're not saying you should run out a grab a pair, just that it's a 2019 trend to consider. Refer back to our White Sneaker guidelines at the top of this article to help you pick the right pair for you.

It's not an easy look to pull off, but you might be able to take some elements from the concept and make it work. Consider a thicker sole sneaker or break out a retro pair that has the snub-nose tip. Make your footwear the center of attention and keep your outfit more on the minimalist side.


Another trend that's burning up women's fashion is the flatform. The word comes from a cross between flat and platform and is just that -- a thick soled shoe without a high heel.

These might be one of the best lifestyle shoes on the market. Women can get the height they want without torturing their feet in high heels. Bonus: Flatforms help keep the floaty hem of your maxi dress from getting dirty when you attend all of those spring picnics and outdoor festivals.

Chuck Taylor High Tops

Love the classic sneaker but don't want to be stuck with plain white? Chuck Taylors are your best bet! Chucks look great on everybody, they're affordable, and they work with almost every outfit. Some brides have even been known to wear them on their wedding day!

They're customizable, too, and they're always coming out with new collaborations and colors. Comfy sneakers don't have to be boring and plain -- let your personality shine through with some Chucks.

Slides and Mules

One shoe style that's made a big comeback on the runway? Low-key, casual, comfortable slides and mules. These shoes are characterized by one big strap holding the shoe in place on your foot. Slides are usually flat while mules have a high heel. Mules are a very fashion forward way to upgrade any outfit. Shown on the runway with all levels of dress, from business suits to biker shorts. Flip flops will always have their place, but slides are a trendier upgrade that you'll want to wear for all of spring and beyond.

Boat Shoes

A classic pair of boat shoes is a must-have. They've got a preppy, laid-back vibe and work with so many outfits throughout every season. A major plus is that the leather used for most pairs is very durable and can withstand getting wet, and come out the other side!

In spring of 2019, they're having a moment. Luxury brands are getting in on the game, but you don't have to spend big bucks to look great. Stick to a pair that's well-made but won't blow out your budget. Sperry Topsiders have ruled the boat shoe game for years, and are the most classic and trustworthy brand around.

Buck Oxfords

Winter was all about dark colors and warm, waterproof materials. In spring, you need something a little lighter and more relaxed. Classic Bucks are the “dressed down-dress shoe”.  They are halfway between a dress shoe and a sneaker. Flexible, fashionable, and go with most everything in your closet. These shoes can be a bit delicate, as most styles are suede. Make sure to brush them and keep them clean so they -- and you -- are always looking their best.

Chelsea Boot

April showers bring May flowers. A little drizzle here and there is just part of the spring routine. Be prepared for a bit of rain and make a splash in a pair of Chelsea boots. They're convenient to slip on and off and their stretchy elastic sides make them very comfortable.


Another brand that's making waves in the fashion world? The hippie traveler's best friend -- Tevas sandals. Although not considered the best-looking shoe, they certainly will get the job done.

Tevas are chunky-soled unisex sandals with heavy-duty straps. You might even have a pair if you went backpacking during the summer while you were in college. Durable and comfortable, they go with anything and anywhere. Plus those straps make sure you don't lose one in the middle of an outdoor music festival.

Spring Footwear Trends 

Spring is a time to get out of the house and shed those winter blues. Take some risks and let your sense of style bloom. Put some life in your wardrobe with these fresh spring footwear trends. Try one or try them all.

If you want to check out some classic yet stylish shoes that you have to have in your closet, check out our selection of footwear today!

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