Summer is Here!: The Top Summer Fashion Trends


Published research has shown that not knowing what to wear can be a source of anxiety. If you are wondering what you should be wearing this summer to stay on trend while feeling comfortable - you know what we mean.

At the same time, other research proves that the practice of dressing well and looking on point is capable of lifting the spirits and increasing confidence levels.

This means that with summer around the corner - the time of year when everybody wants to have a little fun and feel cool and confident - it is extra important to make sure that you know about the upcoming summer fashion trends. So that you can kit yourself out to be ready for any occasion.

Wanna know what's hot this summer? If so read on to set yourself up look and feel good all season long.


Tie-dye is no longer a thing of the past. It is back, and back with a splash. For this summer's fashion styles, there is a distinct Californian theme woven in, which tie-dye personifies in a fun and vibrant way.

So if you are someone who always wanted to rock a little tie-dye, but could never find the right moment - now is the time! Tie-dye is most commonly associated with the 60’s and 70’s hippie culture. However, you don’t have to look like you are attending a Grateful Dead concert - try a tie-dye of similar hues, or accessories in tie-dye to make the look more palatable for 2019. Different shades of blues splashed on denim pants, or a pretty pastel tie-dye skirt will keep you in fashion.

Shells and Souvenir Jewelry

Shells and souvenir style jewelry have always been associated with summer and vacation times. This year however the shell and souvenir theme is infiltrating the runways, making these jewelry types a hot trend.

We are not talking about the pukka shell necklaces on rope that were popular in the 90’s. High end jewelry designers have transformed your favorite summer or vacation memories into beautiful statement pieces. Says Erica Russo, Bloomingdale’s vice president and fashion director for accessories and beauty, “The look is less beach and more chic.

Mixed with pearls, 14 carat gold, and layered with more subtle pieces, this look will elevate your outfit and let everyone know you watch the fashion trends!

Straw Bags

What speaks summer louder than straw bags? Which is why we are happy to proclaim that straw bags are very much the it thing for summer 2019. This trend in bags is not limited to straw, other natural fibers such as hessian, raffia, cotton string and bamboo are just as popular right now.

Lightweight woven totes and bags have such a summer feel - days where you do not need much more than a chapstick and credit card. Gone are those winter days where you had to tote around layers in a heavy bag. Easy breezy straw bags carry an easy breezy attitude with them and will have you feeling light and airy all season.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats may have receded into the background - but this year they are back. Great for both sexes, on women bucket hats create a cheeky cute aesthetic, while on men they have the effect of being laid back and casual.

This style has moved from Amazon to the catwalks of the top fashion houses. In all colors, fabrics, and shapes, the Bucket Hat has made its comeback. The “fisherman hat” has made its presence felt around the globe, and majorly with the Instagram Influencer set - who remember the infamous terry cloth Kangol Hats from the 90’s.

Polo Shirts for Men

Polo shirts never really went anywhere, and this year they are as much a summer staple for men as ever. Practical and versatile, polo neck shirts can be dressed up or down which makes them a perfect summer menswear item.

Top tip: choose a polo in a light color for an ultra-summery vibe. Choosing a lightweight fabric is also a key component to your Polo Shirt selection. The classic 100% Cotton Pique style is always a go-to, but updated lighter fabrics are making waves in the Polo Shirt world recently.

Performance fabrics have taken over the fashion world, and are not just for the golf course anymore! Moisture-wicking, breathable and easy to pack, a performance Polo will be ready for vacation. Or try a Terry Cloth fabric to maximize feelings of nostalgia and comfort by the pool.

Feeling bold? Jazz up a basic Short with an embroidered Polo Shirt. You will never be called boring in this style!

Polo Shirts for Women

Polo shirts for women took backstage to other trends over the last few summers. But this summer, short sleeve polos for women have made a comeback and are once again spot on trend.

Super practical and flattering, the same as for men, polo shirts for women can be dressed up or down depending on the day. Such a classic preppy style that you can throw on with any patterned bottom for an instantly pulled together look. Throw on a polo style dress for daytime activities too!

Hawaiian Prints

Hooray for Hawaiian prints! A couple of years ago Hawaiian prints may have been dated and out of place but in 2019 it is a whole different story.

Modern takes on the classic Hawaiian prints yield colorful and vibrant designs with a tropical tone that feel uber current. This look is not limited to the wacky uncle at the BBQ, or “Dad on vacation” anymore. It has been a hit for Men and Women alike in 2019 and shows no sign of stopping. With updated modern fits, on-trend palm frond prints, and more earthy color tones, you can commend your Pops for his fashion choices.

Animal Prints

Calling all the ladies, animal prints are as big as ever this year. This trend is being seen in dresses, pants, and shirts - as well as swimsuits. A belted silk slip dress in Cheetah print, paired with mules and a straw bag will have you looking street-style chic!

Although all prints are in, unusual animal prints are even more cutting edge, such as tiger print. Walk on the wild side with unusual color combinations on your favorite print, like neon! Or choose a print with the full animal body, casually stalking across your shirt.

Men can rock this trend too! For a preppy spin, don a Red Crab embroidered swimsuit.


Fictional fashion maven Miranda Priestly may have proclaimed “Florals for Spring. Groundbreaking.” in The Devil Wears Prada, but florals ARE a popular fashion trend this year.

Florals and summertime will forever be synonymous - but not every year are florals such a wide sweeping trend. If you are a romantic at heart and love nothing more than warm evenings spent in a floral dress - then this is your summer to indulge in this fashion.

Pretty and delicate, or printed in strong metallics, there is a floral for everyone. Blossoms in various sizes and colors can be paired with dainty stilettos or combat boots. This style pulls in the Hawaiian Shirt trend as well!

High Cut Swimsuits

If you are in the market for a swimsuit, and an edgy one at that, then you will be happy to know that high cut swimsuits are in baby! This style will elongate your legs and nip in your midsection, for a streamlined sleek look.

At the same time stylish, sexy and sophisticated, a high cut swimsuit (whether in a bikini or full swimsuit) will be sure to turn heads.

High-Waisted Bikinis

Another retro-inspired trend that is taking over the swimsuit arena is high-waisted bikini bottoms. These cute cuts are almost universally flattering, making a high-waisted bikini the perfect swimsuit choice. Hitting above the belly button, this style highlights your natural waist. Think vintage Grace Kelly vibes. A little more coverage than a standard bikini bottom, you will feel confident in and out of the water.

Short Suits

Another women's trend that is gracing the scene for the summer of 2019 is the tailored shorts and blazer combo. If tailored shorts are not your style, you can always do a modified take on these cool outfits by instead incorporating our classic and timeless preppy shorts for women in place of the short suit pants.

Printed Swimming Shorts For Men

With a Californian feel sweeping through the styles for 2019's summer - printed swimming shorts for men are very much in this year.

Designs can include tropical themes, such as Hawaiian prints, sea-themed prints, such as our fun crab and lobster print Sandbar swimsuit, or more subtle small-scale designs.

Casual Men's Blazers

Another men's fashion that is gracing the summer of 2019 is casual blazers as summer weather wear. A great blazer can transform any look - and a casual blazer can make a perfect pairing with other casual items such as a polo shirt. This makes the 2019 men's blazer trend a very practical and useful one.

If you need to kit yourself out with a blazer for summer that is not too stiff or formal, and has the perfect balance of tailoring and informality - then check out our Nantucket Red Blazer. Great for casual dinners out, or a backyard wedding!

Now You Know About the Hottest Summer Fashion Trends

Getting in the know on what trends will be everywhere for summer is a good move - because it will allow you to shop smart when it comes time to update your wardrobe for the new season.

Now that you know what summer fashion trends will be reigning, you can equip yourself with items that will look great all summer long.

If you are ready to start kitting your wardrobe out for summer - then head on over to our shop to check out some of our latest summer styles and enjoy free ground shipping on all ordered items.

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