The Top 10 Summer 2021 Trends for Fashion

Whether you are a native to coastal living or just super excited about getting out this year for fun in the sun, embrace your prep style with comfortable and stylish patterns this season.

Are you wondering what the hottest summer 2021 trends are for fashion? Get ready to get bold!

Here are 10 styles you should rock this summer!

1. Bolder and Confident

Today's madras fabric is offered in bolder prints that seem to speak to the mood of Americans who are tired of being cooped up.

Reconnect with your crew this year with an awareness of confidence and class.

Bolder Men

Whether it's the cigar room or a night of cocktails, a bold madras blazer paired with a white button-down and slim-fitting twill pants make a confident statement without going over the top with patterns.  Complete this look with a pair of Key West Drivers designed for comfort and style for an evening dress.

Bolder Ladies

Take the classic A-line shape of a great madras skirt and spice it up with a fun pattern. For a casual evening out, keep it classy with a dark polo and stylish flats.

A fitted sweater draped over the shoulders is both practical for chilly summer evenings and a chance to accessorize with a complimentary color from a bold patterned skirt. Choose the color that is the least used in the pattern for an understated and clean look.

2. Patriotic

In 2021, the majority of Americans are feeling patriotic, and over half own American flags. 

This year, celebrate with quality clothing featuring classic American icons. 


Celebrate your independence and love of country every day with casual attire that is both comfortable and clearly American. 

A classic crewneck sweater is a staple for outings on the boat. Share your American pride with a pure cotton crew and knitted flag in navy or cream.

Summer holidays in America are a great opportunity to sport some of the latest patriotic patterns. Invest in a pair of twill shorts with just enough comfortable stretch for after that great barbecue feast.


For casual elegance, opt for a tailored cotton dress with patriotic trim. This look works well with red flats, slip-on sneaks, or open-toe sandals. Jewelry should have an understated, classic look.

For a touch of whimsy, think outside the box for American iconic wear. Flags and patriotic colors paired with images that reflect the American lifestyle are a lot of fun and show originality.

These twill shorts, with a shorter inseam and plenty of comfortable stretch, are a cute statement piece for the dog lover. Grab your sparklers and a stylish visor for all day fun.

3. Derby

There are some traditional rules for Derby day attire that still leaves some room for creativity.


A tailored blazer is a must. A bowtie with a pop of color signals that you are ready for fun and know how to do it with style. 

If you will be bringing a date, color coordinate with your friend or spouse for a pulled-together look. The rule of caution is to use color as a theme and patterns that do not clash or overpower each other's outfits. 

There are some fun accent pieces this year in the form of belts with Kentucky Derby themes. If your outfit is more conservative, choose a themed belt or tie for a minimal touch of festivity.


It's all about the hat! Your choice of hat is the primary statement of your derby attire. Choose wisely.

As a rule, if your hat is very bold and accented, choose a solid-colored dress with classic jewelry. If your dress has bold patterns, opt for a hat the doesn't compete. You can go smaller or wear the traditional wide brim that is a classic white or complimentary solid. 

4. Day Drinker

Martinis on the yacht or mint juleps at the club? Discover fun themes for the ultimate day drinking experience.


Casual and cooling fabrics make a day of cocktails or craft beers a stylish and comfortable event. Choose day drinking themes that add to the fun. 


Margaritas with the girls at an outdoor venue are both sophisticated and stylish fun when themed attire is worn.

Look for original pieces with icons of favorite drinks or snacks. Pair your outfit with an oversized tote for hauling extra clothing to a social that may continue to the evening. 

5. Tee Time

Pastels and themed icons are on-trend for the golf course this year. Expect trends for spring/summer 2021 in sorbets for a fresh look.


Think citrus this year! This juicy pastel yellow is a refreshing take on tee time and country club attire. Pair twills with your favorite polo and accent with a themed belt for ultimate comfort and style. 


Whether your competing or observing, be fresh and cool in today's citrus pastels. This refreshing color works very well with a lime or white polo. Accent the look with a scarf crafted from cooling fabric. 

6. The Tailgate

Take your event to the next level with a tailgate gathering. In addition to your outfit, think about well-crafted serving ware that compliments your style.

A tailgate on the coast becomes picturesque when wrapped in a blanket viewing the sunset with friends.

7. Islander

Explore the summer 2021 beach trend in fashion for gathering on a private beach or Spring Break parties. Look for food icons and updated nautical themes for fun in the sun!

On land or on the boat, go coastal with a classic island theme. 


If a tropical pattern appeals to you, always pair with a solid. Too much pattern can look busy and sloppy. A white polo or button-down always looks polished with patterned shorts.


Embrace your inner mermaid with fun twills that are cool and comfortable. Accent with jewelry featuring tropical colors for a simple but pretty island style.

8. Sand Casual

For outings on the beach, choose clothing that will keep you cool and loose enough to shake out the sand.

Nautical themes are a staple of the prep beach lifestyle. From traditional anchors to vibrant lobsters, choose fabrics with quality stitching in the embroidery that will last.


9. Kids and Critters

Your little ones are going to look cool and cute in this year's prep styles. The patterns are vibrant and full of fun icons.

Cool cottons with nautical themes are always super adorable. A lobster theme in coordinating outfits for girls and boys makes for a fun photo op at a local seafood restaurant or day on the boat.

10. Family Unit

American families are loving the opportunity to match outfits. It's actually a timeless tradition that is finding its way into the hearts of young parents in 2021.

Coordinating with little ones is all about fun and pride. Choose a trendy theme for a casual outing or photoshoot. 

Follow Summer 2021 Trends Prep Your Style 

The summer 2021 trends reflect how ready Americans are to get out and socialize. The patterns are a little bolder but still give a polished look so important to prep style. 

Find your favorite fabrics and patterns for overdue fun in the sun with family and friends today.

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