The Ultimate Guide to Men's Summer Fashion in 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Men's Summer Fashion 

Packing up the winter clothing and bringing out the summer ones is always a welcome task. Goodbye to the wool, and hello to light cotton, seersucker, and linen. It's a yearly tradition we all love.

Deciding if they are wearable pieces usually comes down to mustard stains, rather than current fashion trends, but some people like to keep up. Men's summer fashions don't often change for the traditionalists, but it's nice to know, we have you covered.

Hang on to those favorite clothing items and we will take a look at some of the men's summer fashions out this year you can use with your existing wardrobe.

Men's Summer Fashions

You don't need to spend a lot of time to look great and in style. Mix and match with your current wardrobe to look great and stay cool.


Usually, all you need is a few good items, plain white or solid colors, and then a few in various patterns to meet any fashion need this summer. Having a few pieces that you can use for several different occasions is the perfect way to utilize your wardrobe. 


The basic T-shirt is anything but basic. It's the most versatile item of clothing you can own. Having a few in different colors is the best way to cover all the fashion needs.

These can be worn with shorts, with a pant, under a jacket and with a favorite slogan or band insignia. They work for day wear, for evening wear and sleepwear. No wardrobe is complete without several T-shirts.

Long sleeved or short, light cotton tees are so comfortable, great for beach cover or dancing. Find a few with hoods, as well, for those late night beach bonfires.

Button Down

A nice quality button down shirt is perfect for any time. Cool and comfortable, it's casual enough for every day and classy enough for work or evenings out. Short sleeved or long, a good collared button shirt is never out of place.

Have a few to choose from so you have something for any occasion. Different colors, different patterns, and styles will serve you well in any fashion needs all summer long.

Verticle stripes are in this year, which can be very fun and easy to match up with your pants, shirts or light summer suits. Stripes set off a plain jacket, matching pants and can easily be accessorized.

Polo Shirts

No man's wardrobe is complete without a few Polo shirts. They are that perfect line between dressy and casual. Which means they work for both. Comfort, style, and versatility, what more could you ask for?

The collar works to add a bit of formality, in case you need something just a bit above a T-shirt. You can easily put on a suit jacket and a tie to dress it up for dinner or a last minute meeting.

These are a g-to shirt for the golf course, the office, the BBQ, for any occasion where you want to look nice and still be comfortable. Get several in different colors to stay current with all your fashion occasions.


There is certainly no shortage of shorts and pants for men's summer fashions, it's what you do with them that counts. Having a few good items of clothing will really open up the options you have for variety.


A nice, light fabric in a pant is the perfect choice for men. You can be comfortable and look great. Many types of men's pants can be worn for work and play, all in the same day.

Patterned, plain solid colors or just white, the light summer long pants are perfect for the golf course, great for summer activity and easy to mix and match with items from your closet.

If patterns are more your thing, there are some fabulous embroidered pants available. These are fun for parties, for casual lunches and just perfect for adding a bit of fun to your clothes.


No wardrobe is complete without shorts. Whether you like them long or short, cut-off denim or with wild colors, you can never have enough shorts. Find a few pairs you can wear with a belt to dress up an otherwise casual look.

Have a pair in a few different colors for fun and matching with your favorite tees or polo shirts. Don't be shy about getting bold with colors or patterns, it's summer, after all!

Shorts are very versatile, wearing them to the office for casual day, to the beach, for an afternoon backyard BBQ, any occasion. Comfortable, cool and show off those gams!


Summer shoes are just as important for style and comfort. You should have a few different pairs, for all occasions. Slip-on, flip flops, boat shoes, and a nice lace-up will make sure you have it all covered.

A nice pair of casual summer shoes can add just the right amount of style to your outfit to make it look like you are ready to take on anything. Find something you are comfortable in, that will withstand the water, sand and are easy to walk in.

Leather, canvas, and the more flexible flip-flop or sandal will serve you best. We tend to be more active in the summer, so give your feet a break. You can stay active and still do it with comfort and style.

Wear It Well

The bottom line is, wear what you want. Summer is more freeing when it comes to fashion, so wear what you are most comfortable in. Light colors and light material are the best places to start.

Cotton and linen are light, flexible and breath in the heat. They keep you cool and look great. Many blended fabrics make washing and maintenance a breeze, without the need of ironing and some may be more stain-resistant.

Have a few nice items you can wear for evenings out, a summer wedding or upscale event. Then have the more casual items you will wear for concerts, summer parties and lounging at the beach.

Check out a store near you for all the fashions and latest men's summer fashions.



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