Top Sellers: Summer Styles for 2021

"Gettin' in my summer feelings, and I'm trying to keep it cool. Way up here in my summer feelings!"

Charlie Puth pulls us back into the magic of the summer season with his recent hit, "Summer Feelings," and so many of us can relate! After such a long season of isolation, we are all anxious to come into the warm sunlight and express our most fashionable selves. 

So pull out that jacket or dress that you've been dying to show off all year, and let us take care of the rest. We will introduce you to the top sellers of the season and give you an inside scoop on today's trending summer styles.

Hats Are Officially Here

Hats are a classic and versatile part of summer. We use them at sporting events to rep our pride or at amusement parks to protect our faces. Either way, hats are often a summer staple. 

However, hats are taking a completely different turn this season. Enter the bucket hat.  

An unexpected but delightful addition to the summer season, bucket hats are sweeping the current marketplace by storm. You can find these floppy, colorful and dynamic hats everywhere from Forever 21 to Zara. The new Instagrammable thing to wear, these hats are being sported by both men and women alike. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, baseball caps are making a popular comeback. Don't believe us? Check out this recent article in Vogue that showcases today's most popular celebrities sporting baseball caps with a variety of different outfits. 

In need of a trendy baseball cap yourself? Check out our own assortment of hats and visors to perfect this happening summertime trend. 

Street Style 

With so many of us spending time at home due to Covid, comfortable clothes have taken on a whole new power. We all crave moveable and comfortable clothing in ways like never before. 

Streetwear has now taken on an incredibly free-form and comfortable style. We are seeing a lot of loose-fitting jeans, oversized jackets, and flowy tops. People are often pairing large t-shirts with even larger jeans to showcase a truly effortless and casual style. 


What is categorized as "vintage" changes every year, but this year's particular summer style is rooted in the funky 90's fashion of yesteryear. 

One particular current trend is vintage Lacoste. Again, a lot of the looks are less form-fitting and opt for more comfort. 

Another trending vintage look is the oversized jean, especially in women. On the opposite end, the classic Lindsey Lohan-looking low-rise jean is also on the rise.

Last but not least, let's not forget the strappy midi dress over a cotton t-shirt. Who could ask for more perfect summer dress styles than classic 90's vintage?

For men, this new vintage style means the integration of loud graphic t-shirts. These styles grab your attention and often have lots of bold colors. Don't believe us? Just stop into your local Zara and you'll see how these color schemes are reflected in today's men's summer clothes styles. 

Linen Is in

This summer season has been incredibly hot for many states across the country. With that being said, it only makes sense that linen shirts are now incredibly popular. 

Both men and women are looking for ways to stay cool and look cool this summer. Linen is the perfect answer. 

You will also see a lot of linen suits, for both men and women, that are ideal for hot weather and casual vibes. This effortless and beachy look has only got more popular as the season progresses. 

If you find yourself in need of a quality linen shirt for men, feel free to check out our own high-quality linen shirt here.  


Similar to the 90's vintage look currently happening and the increase in linen, trousers are making an aggressive comeback. A wide-legged pant that isn't as form-fitting is now taking the fashion world by storm. 

With the heat rising and the need for comfort now more popular than ever, trousers are the way to go for a quality summer style. 

Don't trust us? Check out these popular celebrities looking glamorous and rocking the full-legged trouser look. Also don't be afraid of a sexy, trouser pantsuit! It's summer! Why NOT shake it up?? 

Square-Toed Sandals 

Sandals are a huge part of summer. We all want to stay cool while looking cool, and finding the perfect summer sandal can officially make or break your look. 

This summer style 2021 look is now known as the "square-toe" sandal. From Haley Bieber to Kendall Jenner, this sharp-edged shoe is the season's must-have item. 

It can be worn as a strappy sandal or a flat shoe built for lots of walking. Either way, this item is one of the summer's most popular must-haves for women. 

The Summer's Top Sellers Are Yours for the Taking 

This summer is a long-awaited one for all of us. 

This summer is also a great season to keep it cool and wear comfortable, breathable fabrics such as linen. It could also be the perfect time to take your casual at-home-wear to the streets and turn your sidewalk into your own personal runway.

Whatever the case may be, it's time to show off those summertime top sellers that you've been hiding away in your closet. Or better yet, get out and buy new ones! Check out our website and start shopping for your perfect summer style today. 

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