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Vintage Golf Attire Styles

Whether you frequent a public or private golf course, it’s important not to assume that you can dress however you like.

Rules are rules, and many golf courses and country clubs require you to dress according to a certain standard - however, that doesn't mean you can’t have fun with it!

 Vintage golf attire styles are a great way to show your own unique style on the golf course without bending any rules. Let’s take a look at how you can dress vintage-style on the golf course.

What Is Vintage Style Clothing?

Vintage fashion refers to clothing made in another period. It is quite literally defined as “being of an earlier time” Vintage clothing should not be confused with antique clothing and is usually defined as 20 years ago or more from today, while still being in the 20th century.

 The trend for vintage clothing became incredibly popular in the 1960s and has steadily continued into the 21st century. Prior to this, the trading and wearing of old clothing had different connotations and was not considered fashionable.

 Over the past several years, vintage style clothing became wildly popular, which either mimicked clothing of the past or was meant to include certain fashion elements but also suit the modern sense of style.

Vintage style clothing also allows for a more modern fit that has adapted to changing body types throughout the years.

How to Dress Vintage on the Golf Course

Wondering how to dress vintage on the golf course? Let’s take a look at how we can mimic the past's popular clothing trends while sticking to almost any dress code!

The Pastel Polo Shirt

The Pastel Polo Shirt

 While the polo shirt came into existence just before the 20th century began, it has become a widely popular style for golf players! John Brooks, the founder of Brooks Brothers, came up with the idea of a button-down collar in 1896 when he continuously observed collars flipping upward during polo matches.

 Golf shirts are generally a little longer than the classic polo shirt, which helps them stay tucked in after swinging at the ball. With pastel colors being exceptionally popular in the ’80s, you can mimic this vintage style with soft, pastel-colored polo shirts for both men and women.

Patterned Shorts, Slacks & Culottes

Shorts and slacks in linen, khaki, or cotton will never go out of style on the golf course, as well as culottes and capris. And the best part is, there are several options out there to make each of these style choices vintage!

 The late 60’s/early ’70s brought with it a rise in the trend of patterned golf pants, especially when it comes to plaid. This classic trend has been recreated in the form of plaid shorts and plaid pants for both men and women.

 Wearing patterned clothing in pastel colors is also a great way to give off that vintage look while further expressing your personality, as you can see from these pink cotton chino twill pants with martini & shaker!

The Vintage Golf Skirt

Golf skirts are a great alternative to shorts on those super sunny days out on the course! It should be noted that it was many years before you would see women dressing in the now-standard length of at least 14 inches from the waistband to the bottom of the skirt, with many golf skirts currently settling in around 19 inches.

 In fact, through the 1950s and into the early '60s, most women golfers wore a blouse and a three-quarter length skirt topped with a cashmere sweater. Now, the shorter and more breathable golf skirt is here to stay, in a variety of pastel, plaid, and uniquely patterned vintage-inspired styles to further show off your personality!

Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

 Your golf shoes are another great way to show off your vintage-inspired sense of style. It’s important to note that some golf courses actually require proper golf shoes on their courses, while others are less strict.

The leather golf sneaker in classic brown gives off those cool vintage vibes and is a more modernized take on the vintage wing-tipped golf shoe.

What to Avoid When Dressing Vintage

As with any fashion trend, there are general guidelines when it comes to dressing vintage! It’s important when opting for vintage clothing to wear these vintage pieces, but with a modern spin. There is no need to dress head to toe in an outfit that belongs to three decades ago.

 Mixing modern pieces in with original vintage or opt for a complete vintage-inspired look in order for your golf look to appear relevant. Dressing in a vintage style look on the golf course rather than clothing that was pulled directly from the ’50s or ’60s allows you to both feel comfortable and look like you’ve dressed with purpose.

Mixing too many colors and patterns should also usually be avoided, with a patterned statement piece toned down with a solid color on the top or bottom. However, if you want to rock all plaid from top to bottom on the golf course, we’re certainly not going to complain!

Dressing Vintage Style on the Golf Course

The golf course is a great place to try out vintage-style clothing, with golf clothing having gone through many distinct trends over the years.

From full golf dresses with cardigans to the flashy plaid golf pants that we all know and love from the ’60s and ’70s, golf has always been a place to show off your own unique style and bring back classic vintage trends.

Have fun with your vintage-inspired clothing, and let it be an extension of your personality on and off the golf course!

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