Waist Management: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Belts for Men

If you're one of the 49.4 percent of Americans who identify as male, you likely have spent more time trying to select the right belts, shoes, and ties for various outfits than you care to admit. While fashion is stereotypically a women's area, men spend just as much time trying to look great and coordinate outfits as their female counterparts do. There's no shame in wanting to appear your best, after all!

Belts for men are one of the most common accessories that you likely wear. They're handsome, functional, and versatile, making them the perfect fashion choice for the American businessman. But not belts are created equal - you need to do a little research if you want the best ones.

Read on to learn how to buy high-quality belts that go with every outfit and complement your personal style.

Decide What You Want

The first thing you'll want to do before selecting new belts to fill your wardrobe is to know what you're looking for. Primarily, this means considering three things: context, color, and comprehensive vibe.


First up, context. Think about the places that you tend to frequent the most often. What kind of belts would be appropriate to wear there? Not only that but what kind of belts would go with the outfits that you wear there?

If you think you'll be wearing your new accessories primarily in the workplace, it may be best to stick with solid colors and professional patterns, and you can never go wrong with a black or brown leather. However, if you're looking for a belt you can wear while out with friends or on a date, you may want one with a little more personality and flair that expresses your interests.


The color of your belts should depend greatly on the color palettes that you generally wear. If you're a cool color kind of guy who wears primarily greens and blues, wearing a red belt is going to look really strange.

Make sure that you buy belts in colors that complement your outfits so that you can wear them on more occasions. That way, you'll get more use out of them than you otherwise would.

Comprehensive Vibe

Finally, think about the comprehensive, overall feel that you want to give off when wearing your belt. If you want to appear laid-back and sporty, having a belt with fisherman print is an a-ok idea. If you want to appear professional, consider getting a black or brown belt that matches your favorite formal shoes.

Remember that your belt is an accessory that makes a statement about who you are and how you're going to behave. Dress accordingly!

Look At Your Options

Now that you know how you want to look, it's time to look into the styles that are available to you. Read on to learn about some of the most fashionable options for men's belts that are on the market today!

Classic Solids

One of the most classic and common belt options that many men opt for are solid colors. Not only are they good for the workplace, but they can be matched with uniquely patterned shirts or embroidered shorts on casual outings to make sure that there isn't more going on than the eye can handle.

This ocean blue belt, for example, is trendy and can be worn with pretty much any blue, green, or yellow outfit. Simple and sleek, solid color belts are perfect for wearing to basically any event or venue.

Awesome Patterns

While solid colors are a classic for a reason, patterns are a classic for multiple reasons. They can be professional, but they're also expressive. They can have multiple meanings, giving off an air of confidence for the viewer to see and a cheeky sense of individualism for the wearer.

Stripes, checks, and amalgamations of various colors are common patterns that you may find on belts you can get online. All of these patterns go well with solid color shirts and add some flair to an otherwise bland outfit. You can also express yourself by mixing and matching patterns!

Patriotic Fashion

Do you really love your country? If the answer to that question is 'yes,' then perhaps a patriotic pant-line is right for you. There are a couple of belt varieties that scream AMERICA, including out stars and stripes belt that's embroidered to look like a flag. If you want something a bit more subtle, you can buy a regular-colored belt that has tiny flags embroidered on it, too.

Crabs, Fish, and More

If you like to fish, you can get a belt that expresses that passion. There are belts with lots of kinds of tiny fish embroidered on them that will get a conversation going about your love for the sport. You can also get a belt with crabs on it if you want to start an even more riveting discussion (or if you specifically enjoy going crabbing.)

Sporty Styles

If you're a sports fan, you can express that on your belt, too. This is especially the case if you love golf since there are fun belts that have golf gear on them. Whether your favorite part of the sport is the club or the glove, you're sure to find it represented on this awesome accessory. 

Buy High-Quality Belts For Men

While selecting the right belt to go with your favorite outfits can be a challenge, it's also a lot of fun. There are so many new styles to try out that you can't possibly get bored!

Now that you know where to get the best belts for men and have selected a few that you like the best, it's time to shop for outfits that will perfectly match your new accessories. Click here to see our newest arrivals for men's fashion and buy some at an affordable rate.

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