Smooth Sailing

It's Mostly Been Smooth Sailing
Smooth Sailing
Sure, when pigs fly.
And they did! When we introduced the the Flying Pig embroidery design on our Bowsprit belts a few years ago we weren’t sure how it would be received. It flew, and continues to be one of our most popular designs.
Flying Pigs. 

Rough Waters 
Translucent Linen
Some things have not gone as smoothly. We tried a linen polo shirt,  which proved to be a little on the sheer side.  “Translucent linen" was not a winner, even among the most forward-thinking store owners.
Everything that makes its way to has already run the gauntlet, and being showcased to more than 150 locations gives us plenty of feedback before anything is put in front of customers. 

Good and Bad
Our American flag embroidery has been consistently popular, but we won't take credit for America!  On the other hand, we experimented with some other world flags in our embroidery designs which, no surprise, proved to not be nearly as popular as Old Glory.
But popular or not, what we make is always well made. 


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